The Best Companies To Work For With Awesome Perks

24 September 2018

With most of us spending at least half our waking hours at work each day, it’s no surprise that more and more workplaces are recognising it takes more than a solid salary package to attract the best talent. Employers are starting to appreciate you’ll always work harder for a company you feel valued at and you’ll stick around a lot longer too. So we looked at the best companies to work for, measuring different perks and things like bore-factor (sorry government but even when you offer 9 day fortnights, you still don’t make the cut), because when Monday rolls around, the last thing you want is to dread heading to work. These companies recognise that work shouldn’t be a place we dread going to and are serving up a sweet selection of perks, from rosé taps to egg freezing.

Here are some of the best work perks going around at some of the best companies to work for…


Team drinks down at the local pub is so yesterday. The latest in Friday fun? A rosé tap right in your office! That’s right, the Showpo office has a running rosé tap perfect for knocking off early for the weekend or sneaking a sip when the day gets a little too much. Rumour is a prosecco tap is coming soon. Bring on 5pm!


Imagine getting a good salary and then also getting a bunch of free high-end beauty products on the reg like it’s NBD? Well, all beauty lovers will FROTH on the beauty perks you get as a Mecca employee. Not only do you get over $3000 worth of products per year (that’s a LOT of goodies), you also get an unlimited 40% discount on EVERYTHING. Suffice to say, you’d be popular at Christmas time!


Always reaching for a chocolatey snack or a third coffee when it hits 3pm? Employees at Swisse have a much healthier habit, a 20-minute meditation. At 3pm each day a gong clangs to make sure everyone is ready to get there zen on. If that’s not enough to keep you chilled, you’ll also be entitled to five health and happiness days a year plus unlimited fruits, nuts, shakes and smoothies all day long!


The juggernaut search engine is famed all around the world as one of the best companies to work for, with perks that attract the best and the brightest. Back home in Australia, it’s an in-house yoga studio and jazzy pool room that have us firing up the resume. Apparently, the breakfast bar situation is pretty legit too! If you end up getting scouted for Google US you’ll have a chance to flex those culinary skillz with free cooking classes!

The Best Companies To Work For


Mondays are enough to dampen even the brightest of spirits, except if you work at Salesforce. ‘Magic Monday’s will be sure to cure your weekend blues with an ice cream machine brought into the office for a mood-lifting sweet treat. Luckily there’s also table tennis and an on-site gym if you’re keen to work off all that sugar.


As working women, we aren’t often thinking about that no-so-subtle ticking baby clock but it’s always there right? Well, Spotify has made a major step towards equality by offering egg freezing and fertility assistance for all of its employees. This exxy medical treatment is completely covered by the employer as well as all the music and free concerts you can handle.


Most of us got through our lengthy internships eating packets of mi goreng and living in a one-bedder with eight of our girlfriends but not the guys at Facebook. This tech giant knows just how hard it is to balance an internship with a part-time job and/or study and is helping out by offering their interns free housing and healthcare, plus a pretty decent salary.

The Best Companies To Work For


We can’t remember the last time we got more than 50% off anything, let alone an overseas trip! Turns out we should all be working for Qantas for flights at a mere fraction of the traditional cost. We can’t imagine how employees are ever in the office. Bring on unlimited annual leave!


This company may just have you heading back to Uni to study accounting. Not only do they hold treadmill meetings and activity-based working (like discussing the daily goings on over a ping pong game) but they also offer floating public holidays, allowing their staff to switch their day off to another date of their choosing plus you get your birthday off!


They’ve banished the need to watch TV on schedule and now they’ve done the same with the workday. With everyone constantly accessible with emails on phones, Netflix knows that no one is working 9 to 5 anymore and have changed their policies to reflect this. As long as you do your work, you don’t have to clock the official hours. We’re hoping many more companies embrace this policy in the future.

So there you have it, some of the best companies to work for! Does the company you work for have good perks? Comment below what they are!

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Words by Cassidy Loane
All images: La Porte Space