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29 January 2017

You can message these ladies within the group to get information on your local chapter and events!
LMBDW is ran for the group, by the group, and uses the help our ambassadors to keep the spirit and values ofLMBDW alive and to help organise our awesome events

Sydney, Australia

Jane Lu (Showpo)
Gen George (Tammie, Skilld)
Sanjana Nagesh (Showpo)
Debbie Brown
Jane Oja (Fishburners)
Brittany Bloomer (Pound Paws)

Brisbane, Australia

Vanessa Garrard (MD SourceHub Group &  Oztrail)
Catherine Kitney
Kathy Brain (Pure Dash)
Clare Wood (Business Coach)
Head here for the Brisbane LMBDW page

Noosa, Australia

Lana Reid (Sunhaze)
Jodie Ferdinand (Stryker Online)
Carlie Wacker
Emily Larkin

Bayside, Australia

Courtney Deagon (LinkedIn page)
Kayley Meloche (Maple and Honey)
Head here for the Bayside LMBDW page

Victoria, Australia

Nicol Heard (Courageous You)

Los Angeles,
United States

Jennifer Pearson
Avanti Deshpande (Creative Pencil)

San Fransisco,
United States

MeeSun Boice (Mersea Restaurant)

New York,
United States
Meggie Palmer (CEO, PepTalkHer)

Cape Town,
South Africa

Lauren Davies

Melbourne, Australia

Jessica Janson (Dogshare)
Sally Branson (The Suite Set)

Darwin, Australia

Janet Kosic (Kosic & Associates)
Bettina Banks
Head here for the Darwin LMBDW page

Gold Coast, Australia

Currently open for new ambassadors
Please email

Perth, Australia

Eloise Dejong (LinkedIn page)
Kristy Marshall
Michelle Mok (Michelle Mok Creates)
Head here for the Perth LMBDW page

North West Sydney,

Michelle Forrester (The Little General & Co)


Anna Aldridge
Helen Van (Aim’n Oceania)

London, United Kingdom

Suki Thompson (Digital Marketing Manager, On the Dot)
Gemma Halpin
Morgane Defort
Head here for the LMBDW UK page


Dominique Yong (Inkspo)