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6 Signs You Went Too Hard At The Office Drinks

10 November 2017

We’ve all been there. It’s been a loooooong week and Friday couldn’t come fast enough. And then the boss says computers are being turned off at 4pm and wine and cheese will be making the rounds. Free wine, you say? Why, that’s a hell yes from over here. 🙋🙋🙋

You plan on staying for one or two glasses. But before you know it, it’s one or two… AM… and the glasses have turned into bottles. Bottles and bad choices. Bad, bad choices. At least you think they were bad choices. If only you could 100 percent remember…

You do seem to recall sitting in a corner with your boss feeling super sassy and confident as you filled her in with all the office goss… oh, and sharing your ideas on how the business could really do with a shake-up. Oh, and then there was that glimpse of a memory of you dropping it like it was hot up against the guy on the DF, except the DF was just the office balcony and the “guy” was your new manager.

All weekend you lie curled up on the couch absolutely dreading the Monday morning office walk in. In between the Panadol and Berocca, you start aimlessly scrolling around job sites looking to see if there are any viable prospects. Maybe you could just quit over email and then never have to do the walk of shame? But then again, maybe you weren’t that bad? Maybe everyone was just as drunk as you?

If you could be so lucky.

Below, we take a look at the six signs you’ve probably gone a bit too hard at the office drinks.

  1. You slink over to your desk only to notice two empty bottles of vodka sitting beside your keyboard. And they both have lipstick marks on the top. Which probably means you were necking vodka straight out of the bottle in the office. Oh. Wafts from your bin also smell quite funky. Surely that isn’t a not-so-sneaky spew in there? Oh.
  2. You see some of the girls talking in the kitchen and you go over for your usual daily chat – except when you arrive they go quiet. Deathly quiet. And there’s awkward glances going around before everyone mutters something about Monday deadlines.
  3. The office crazee that everyone agrees is a little loose comes over to your desk and tells you they never realised you were “soooooo much funnn!” and then proceeds to show you pictures of the aforementioned DF action. Except while there looks to have been plenty of dropping, there’s not so much of the ‘hot’.
  4. At 11am, the IT geek sends you an email saying that he really liked the “chat” on Friday night and was hoping to maybe recreate the magical moment with just the two of you in a nice dark corner somewhere again soon.
  5. You go to photocopy a document and there’s a picture sitting there that looks suspiciously like your derriere… and there’s no sign of any underwear.
  6. At 9.01 you get an email from your boss asking if they can see you in their office. Everyone knows that’s never a good thing. You’re also a little suspicious of the packing box that has been strategically placed beside your desk.

Enjoy the silly season! #worthit

Words by Yelena Fairfax.