8 Wedding Chores You Can Do On Your Lunch Break

29 April 2019

In an ideal world, you’d palm everything off to a wedding planner and enjoy a stress-free ride to your big day. However, when you’ve taken the DIY route and are planning the wedding yourself, there’s always a seemingly endless array of wedding chores to do and often not enough time in the day to fit them all in. So before your big-day admin threatens to take over every available spare moment (a girl still needs time to watch Netflix, right?), how about putting your lunch break to good use instead? Here are a few things you can definitely fit into 60 minutes and finally clear from your to-do list.



Do wedding research.

Dining al desko has its upsides when you’re a bride – a nice chunk of time to do some research for the wedding. Whether it’s looking for bridal gown inspiration or tracking down the right florist, it’s the perfect opportunity to park yourself in front of the computer and start researching what’s out there.

Get in touch with vendors.

Whether it’s locking in a photographer or the band that you’re dying to have at your reception, your lunch break is a great time to make enquiries (of which we can guarantee there will be a lot) and start locking in the various vendors you want.

Gather all your guests’ addresses.

As one of the most tedious of wedding tasks, it’s a good idea to get this out of the way ASAP. Once you’ve locked in your final guest list, get in touch with everyone to find out their postal addresses and collate it all into a spreadsheet. You may need to do this bit by bit so your lunch break is a great opportunity to get cracking on it.

Plan your wedding playlist.

This one’s a fun one! Hit up Spotify and start checking out potential songs for the day. You’ll need tunes for every aspect of the day from what you’ll walk down the aisle to, to what songs you want to be played at the reception; so enjoy spending an hour chilling out listening to your favourite songs.

Book your appointments in.

You’ll have plenty of appointments throughout the course of your wedding and your lunch break is the perfect time to email or call to book them in. Map out what you need to do at the start of each month; perhaps it’s your hair and makeup trial, a wedding cake taste testing session or a catch up with your celebrant; and lock them all in.

Write your wedding vows or thank you speech.

Why not step out of the office for a bit, sit somewhere nice and quiet, grab yourself a coffee and start penning some nice words to say about your fiancée and/or everyone who helped you throughout your wedding. Even if you don’t finish it, it’s good to get started with what you want to say.

Collate your invitations.

Want to know what surprisingly takes some effort? Stuffing all those invites into their appropriate envelopes and getting them ready to be sent out. So, why not try and power through it all during your lunch hour. If you’re addressing the envelopes yourself, this is the time to do it.

Compile your wedding day timeline.

If you like living on the edge then, by all means, wing it on your wedding day, but if you’d like a stress-free time then map out how your day is going to play out from beginning to end. This is a great one to do closer to the day as it’s a handy thing to have. Everyone from your reception venue to your bridal party will know exactly what’s going on. This also means you won’t be fielding a million questions on your wedding day when all you want to do is just relax and be all beautiful and bridal.

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Tania Gomez.