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Planning Your Honeymoon? We Got You

20 June 2019

Planning a wedding can be fun but it’s organising the honeymoon that’s the highlight of the entire process. Going on a holiday with your newly minted husband or wife is the well-deserved reward after of months of stress in the lead up to the big day so it’s worth making sure it’s the kind of trip that you’ll remember forever. Before you pack your bags, here are a few things to consider before you leave reality behind and escape into your loved up bubble.

Planning Your Honeymoon

DON’T leave it till the last minute.

We know the wedding can often take up every waking planning moment that you have but don’t forget to squeeze in adequate time to sort out your honeymoon. The key to a great trip is giving yourself enough time to book things as you don’t want to miss out on destinations or activities you have your heart set on because you’re on a tight deadline.

DO collaborate with your other half.

Consider this your first collaborative task as newlyweds. The both of you might have very different ideas about how you envisaged your honeymoon playing out so it’s important to take the time to sit down and talk about everything from where you want to go, to how long you want to be away and where you’re going to stay. It can mean the difference between a blissed out holiday to bickering about the fact one of you just wants to sit by the pool and the other wants to spend their time taking in the sights.

DON’T forget to research destinations.

People will bombard you with plenty of recommendations for destinations but it’s important to do your background work and ensure that where you’re going is right for you. Read up on a potential destination online, hit up Instagram’s location search, check out relevant hashtags to see pics people have posted from a particular place and browse through online reviews. You don’t want to rock up somewhere only to find it’s not quite what you had imagined…

Planning Your Honeymoon

DON’T try and do too many things.

The one thing you don’t want to do is have a jam-packed holiday that has you constantly on the go with little time to just be still and hang with your other half. This is the time to enjoy the newlywed phase and not attempt to tackle an itinerary to rival that of a state visit.

DO consider using a travel agent.

It may seem old school to turn to a travel agent considering you can easily book flights and accommodation online but the one big advantage it does have is that should anything go awry, it’s on the travel agent to fix it. The last thing you want to do on your honeymoon is to spend hours on hold to the airline company because one of your flights has been cancelled so this time around, it might be worth just handballing the entire thing to someone else.

DO set aside a proper budget.

This is no ordinary holiday so it’s important that you’ve got the funds saved to go on the type of honeymoon you want. If you’re imagining a five-star trip all the way, you’re going to be bitterly disappointed if your budget will barely cover a hostel and a six pack. So lock in what you want to do from the onset and give yourself ample time to set aside the cash to do it.

DON’T rush it.

One of the lovely things about a honeymoon is that you’re on such a loved up, post-wedding high that you’ll just want to spend time as much time as possible just enjoying being with your husband/wife. Whether you play board games all day, drink copious amounts of cocktails or never leave the bedroom, take the opportunity to relax and go nice and slow.

DO plan surprises.

Having an itinerary is crucial for a honeymoon to go smoothly, but it’s also okay to throw a few surprises for your other half in the mix. A surprise treatment at the hotel spa, an amazing dinner or a special gift waiting for them at a particular spot are all ways to up the romance. And if there’s one time that you have permission to be disgustingly romantic, it’s now.

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Tania Gomez.