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7 Simple (And Tasty) Health Swaps

14 August 2018

If you’re one of those gals who can munch on your carrot stick declaring how deliciousssss it is (and mean it), then this article probably isn’t for you. But if you, like me, struggle with all things healthy – then here are a few health swaps you can do that actually don’t taste all that bad. Really. And I guess with summer and bikinis and all that being here before we know it – best to buckle up now and start some smart swaps…

  1. Black coffee over lattés

Okay, this one is going to hurt – but who said being a skinny bitch is easy. Give it a couple of weeks, and you’ll soon be enjoying the extra buzz you get from having it straight up. And if you feel like caving, try it first with almond milk to see if that curves the cravings.

  1. Naked burgers over bun burgers

Not only will you be saving all those calories, but swapping your bun for a lettuce wrap will have you looking “soooo on trenddddd”. The Bondi hipsters would be proud.

  1. Green bowl over acai bowl

Green vegetables with protein-rich eggs or a bowl that’s basically just one big sugar cube. Have a think about it and get back to me on this one…

  1. Eggs and mashed banana over pancakes

Stick with me. If you feel like something desserty and sweet (because basically you’re a human being – and that’s what happens), if you whisk up ripe bananas with eggs and fry in a non-stick pan – it actually turns out to be a pretty bloody delicious treat. Trust me.

  1. Air-popped popcorn over chips

We know nothing tastes as good as salty crunchy chips (especially when you’re hungover), but rather than saying no to everything with salty goodness – get that fix (or at least a bit of that fix) via popcorn. It’s almost as good…

  1. Juice or milk popsicles over icecream

Remember when you were a kid and you had those make-your-own icypole kits? Well, they’re actually not that bad of an idea. Fill up yours with juice or even milk (whatever floats your boat) for those times when you’re desperate for a icecream hit.

  1. Avocado over butter in baked goods

Say what? Yep, avocados aren’t just for having on your $18 piece of toast at the local brunch spot – it’s also a great ingredient for baking. Swapping it for butter won’t change the taste of your baked goodies, but it will save about 80 calories, 9 grams of fat, and 7 grams of saturated fat per tablespoon. Not bad.