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31 Ways To Make Your Life Easier

12 June 2018

We’re no strangers to hustlin’. Our lives are busy, with work, study, socialising, seeing family and generally getting shit done. Since we want you to spend more time on the fun, sunny side of life, here are our tips, tricks and handy hacks to make your everyday life that little bit easier. Now, go hit that happy hour!

Set a motivating song as your morning alarm. It’s much, much easier to wake up to Rihanna preaching about girl power or Drake crooning sweet nothings than the loud shrill of Apple’s alarm.

Try to go to bed and wake up at a similar time. Our bodies crave routine, and sticking to a similar bedtime and wake-up time is an easy way to get into a rhythm.

Sleep more. We all know how cranky and sluggish we get when we’re tired. The world is a kinder place when you’ve slept well, so try to tuck yourself in for eight or more hours a night. The next ep of OITNB will be waiting for you tomorrow.

Create a cheat sheet of the info you need all the time. At work, you probs find yourself writing the same thing over and over again. To save time, put the most common info into a trusty Word/Google doc, so you can just copy and paste when you need it. For example, if you publish blogs in a CMS, type out the codes and tags you use.

Do the same for emails. Email can be a huuuge time-sucker. It never ends. When you’re writing your cheeky cheat sheets, include email templates so you don’t have to write the same thing from scratch every time. Here’s an example:

Hi [name],

Thanks for thinking of me for this story!

I’ve attached it here, as promised. Please let me know if you need any changes and I’ll get onto them right away.


[Your name]

Use the Pomodoro technique. Since we’re talking about productivity like a couple of girl bosses, try this time management technique. Break up the work (or study) day into 25-minute chunks – or ‘pomodoros’ – followed by 5-minute breaks. After 4-5 pomodoros, take a longer break. The idea is to be as productive as humanly possible for those 25 minutes, and then enjoy the breather.

Wrap your headphones around a bulldog clip. Spend half your bus ride untangling your headphones? Clip your headphones, or even better, wrap your headphones around the two metal arms and then just clip the earbuds.

Put ‘busy’ blocks on your calendar. These are the times no-one can bother you. If everyone at work can see your calendar, block off 30 minutes to check your email in the morning, 15 minutes before and after meetings to allow for travel time, and any other time that you need to focus (or suffer through a hangover in peace).

Figure out when you’re most motivated. Are you a morning, afternoon or evening person? Those are your golden hours, the time when your productivity peaks, so do the hardest, most tedious or major thinking tasks during that time.

Go outside. Being in nature reduces stress, boosts creativity, and improves your memory. Plus, it makes you happier – all things that can make your daily life more of a breeze.

Every night, plan your outfit for the next day. Of course, if you wake up feeling some kind of way, wear whatever you want. But for many of us, the mornings are already frantic, and this prep crosses one thing off your to-do list.

Store your keys in the shoes you’re planning to wear the next day. Always lock yourself out? Rather than dumping your keys on the counter, pop them in the kicks you’re going to wear tomorrow. That way, if you switch bags, you won’t forget them

Rock up 10 minutes early for meetings and appointments. Rushing is the worst. To avoid it, try to leave 10 minutes earlier so you can arrive at your destination with a few minutes to spare, and without the stress.

Create playlists for different moods. Music is the ultimate mood-booster. To get through the day, have playlists to motivate you in the morning, get you through the 3pm slump, celebrate the commute and wind down for bed.

If you catch cabs for work, take a photo of the license plate before getting in. So, if you leave something in one, you’ll have an easier time tracking it down.

Stop multitasking. Your browser tabs are like your brain. When you have a zillion tabs open, it’s harder to focus. When you give a single task your full attention, you’ll get it done more quickly.

Do workouts that you like. You have a better chance of sticking to exercise when it’s fun. Otherwise, it’s just painful. Figure out how you like to sweat, whether it’s boot camp, spinning, barre, pilates, swimming or walking, and do that. Don’t worry about the trends.

Spend time on your skincare routine. Pamper yourself! Cleanse, tone, and moisturise every day and night, and you’ll save yourself from some headaches later on… like going into panic mode the day before the formal.

Take a steamy shower or bath before bed. This regulates your body temperature and signals to your mind that it’s time to asleep.

Put your to-do lists and diary notes in the one place. Maybe it’s an actual diary, maybe it’s your phone. Be consistent, so you don’t have to scramble when you’re trying to look up a birthday or event. If you have a few email accounts with connected calendars, merge those, too.

Drink water. Life is truly easier when you’re hydrated. Less headaches, less brain fog, better skin, better mood, better digestion, the list goes on… Bottoms up!

Use a handheld steamer. This baby is the best investment you’ll ever make. It’s cheap, and will save you from pulling out the iron or lugging around a full-size steamer like you’re an overworked fashion intern (been there, done that). Plus, steaming is gentler on clothes than an iron, so they’ll last longer. Boom.

Follow the One-Minute Rule. It’s simple trick but so effective: if a task is going to take you less than a minute to complete, do it right now. This stops the small, annoying things from piling up and taking much more time than necessary.  

Keep a charger in your bag. Or be flush with chargers, and store one at home, the office and in your car. It’s worth it.  

Instead of banning a ‘bad’ food, add a healthy food to your diet. You glow, girl. Choose a new veggie/fruit/yoghurt/spice, and work it into your daily diet. Not only is this ~virtuous~, but it feels better than eliminating the naughty things.

Tidy up your desk at the end of the day. Because being organised feels goood. #adulting

Pretty up your workspace. Speaking of, make your workspace an uplifting, inspiring place to be. Buy stationery, plants, mood boards, or whatever it takes to turn that drab desk into a fab one.

Treat yourself. It’s the little things.

Plan out your meals. You’ll save a shit-ton of money, plus it’s healthier. Cooking your own food is the only way to know what’s really going in it.

Cook extra food. That way, you’ll spend less time on cooking (and washing up, ugh), and have leftovers for tonight/tomorrow/a time when you can’t be bothered cooking.  

Use two laundry hampers. Laundry is suuuch a chore. To make the sorting-out part easier, put your blacks/colours in one, and whites in the other; or have piles for washing and drycleaning (cause you’re fancy).

Talk to your mum/bestie/bf/mailman about your day. Venting is healthy, as is perspective, and a good old chat can help you with both.

Tips & tricks by Katia Iervasi