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What You Need For Coachella

05 April 2018

Guys, we’re only a week out and these are the must-haves to pack (that myself and the Showpo team going to Coachella actually did pack and my god this is a really unnecessarily long sentence).

  • Earplugs – For the plane, your accom, loud music etc – protect yo ears.
  • Eye Mask – Protect your eyeballs from the sun when you’re hung AF.
  • Skincare – Take minis so you can pack your essentials. Check out this travel kit, effective and reasonably affordable.
  • Face Halo – Potentially the best thing you can pack for travels. Gets ALL the shit off your face. Just add water for minimal shit and cleanser from above kit for loads of shit. *shit being makeup, sweat etc, not actual poo
  • Wipes – For your maj CBF nights.
  • Foreo Mini – All that glitter and dust is going to wreak havoc on your pores so try using one of these mini gems every second night to really get into your skin and scrub the gunk out.
  • Dregs – Not the kind the doggos sniff you for squids. Pack painkillers and anything you think you might need. Chuck some Hydrodol in for good measure. Pop 4 for a nicer head come morning.
  • Tan – Take the new one-hour express by Bondi Sands for obvs reasons. The ModelCo oil is great for ‘day of’ tanning as it gives you a sexy sheen.
  • Tan Remover – Cos’ bitch, Coachella is not the time for a crusty tan.
  • Foundation – You want one that won’t play slip n’ slide on your face. Estee Lauder is your go-to. 
  • Bronzer – Duh, you wanna be a desert GODDESS amirite! This Arden shade is bomb.
  • Eyeshadow Kit – You obvs don’t wanna pack 6 diff palettes so head to M.A.C for your ultimate colour combo. The new kits have giant transition shades, which is one of the cleverest developments in beauty.
  • Brush Kit – This Zoeva one has everything you need in it.
  • Mascara – That won’t fuck up your falsies. MJ bebee.
  • Face Mist – Make sure it’s hydrating so your face doesn’t look like the desert floor.
  • Perfume – Go to your local Sephora and there’s a ton of rollerball options, perfect for touch-ups and limited travel space.
  • Glitter – If you fancy turning yourself into the KiraKira app, use some of these SICK pigments and glitters for space-caking your noggin. Lemonhead is the easy AF to use on your rig if you’re into the full glitterati.
  • Lip Balm – Der.
  • Sunscreen – Yet again, der, you’re in a bloody desert.
  • Hair Ties – And bobby pins. And a brush. And more bobby pins for when the others disappear the way they all do.

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