7 Of The Best Tinted Moisturisers On The Market

20 December 2017

BB creams, CC creams, tints – IDGAF what you call them but they’re basically all tinted moisturisers, which are a lot lighter and generally better for your skin than foundations or something equally heavy.

If you’ve never tried one you need to ASAP, as your skin will seriously thank you for it. Bursting with an abundance of good ingredients for your skin; tinted moisturisers offer all the goodness of a skincare product, the SPF of a sunscreen, and a tint to cover imperfections.

IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream SPF 50+

So this is one of those cult products everyone swears by (beauty gurus, friends, celebs etc), yet I’d never tried it, TBH turning my nose up at the high SPF content as I immediately think ‘pore-clogging’ and ‘thick’ when I see SPF 50+.  Well, the other day I headed into Sephora and was lucky enough to be served by the CM of Sephora AU, a lovely lass who is about to pop with a bub and was regardless, helping out the retail staff during the busy silly season. She recommended this particular prod to me, citing it as the one she smeared on that very day. And her skin was bloody flawless so I bought it didn’t I. And the hype is real you guys, it’s an EXCELLENT product. The coverage is great and can be built up. The SPF doesn’t make it thick and it feels really hydrating on your skin. I am a huge fan and will be re-purchasing this bad boy loyally from now on.

Chi Chi Cosmetics Super BB Cream

Another cult product that was recommended to me yonks ago, this prod offers the perfect amount of coverage for day wear and leaves your skin really dewy. Probs not ideal for any oily lasses, the formula is great for my dehydrated AF skin.

Revlon Fill & Blur Foundation 

Although its name suggests something thicker, this product is more of a lightweight balm than foundation. The formula is super thin so it remains hydrated on your skin rather than sinking into any fine lines. I was lucky enough to receive a bunch of the 12 shades to share with the team and we all loved that Revlon actually offers different shades rather than ‘Fair’ and ‘Tan’. The beauty industry still has a long way to go with realising that women actually have a full spectrum of skin shades, but it’s really great that brands like Revlon offer diversity in colours!  There was a shade for our alabaster-hued Email Marketer, deep skin-toned Influencer Assistant, and everyone in between.

Fenty, NARS, Iman, Estee Lauder, Kat Von D. Cake Cosmetics and Bobbi Brown also offer a vaster array of shades than most brands. 

Stila’s award-winning prod is a high-performance beauty balm that helps to correct and even out skin tone whilst delivering a burst of hydration to the skin. Lightweight and oil-free, this balm also helps to reduce pore size and control oil throughout the day. It gives you a gorgeous glow without looking ‘highlighted’ if that makes sense, perfect for ‘natural’ makeup days!

Ultraceuticals Ultra UV Protective Daily Moisturiser SPF 30 Sheer Tint

The most lightweight out of all that I’ve tried, this product is good bang for your buck, coming in a whopping 100ml tube (most are 30ish ml) so it will last you through the season. This product is perfect when you’re going to the beach and feel like a real dick putting on makeup as it really is just a tint, so no one will know. They’ll just think you have ridiculously smooth and glowy skin!

Bioderma Photoderm BB Cream with SPF 50+ 

Brand spanking new on the market and boasting an impressive array of ingredients I can’t pronounce for the life of me; the BB cream smoothly melts into your skin, matching your natural tone. It covers imperfections and redness, and evens out the complexion. The formula has a ‘dry touch texture’, which basically means it leaves the skin moisturised with a non-greasy, mattifying finish. i.e perfect for oily lasses!

Nude By Nature Sheer Glow BB Cream 

I am so obsessed with NBN, all their products are excellent in quality, aren’t super $$, and have really luxe packaging. Low in SPF, this would be a great option for the lasses with amazing skin who don’t have to wear much makeup, but also don’t want the flashback if someone takes their pic (quick way to ruin an insta). The lightweight, non-greasy texture is enriched with moisturising ingredients, which leaves your skin with a natural, luminous finish.