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Ace That Base

17 September 2017

Finding the best foundation for your skin is like finding the right bra or boyfriend; there are some real duds on the market but through trial and error, you’ll eventually nab yourself the right one.

I’ve been on a quest to find the right foundation for many, MANY years and having spent a big chunk of my 20s in media, I’m fortunate enough to have tried countless formulas, shades and brands.

I was also wearing foundation at school but it’s safe to say I was choosing something far too dark and thick for my young complexion.  Plus, it would be whatever is on special at Coles after I’d cajoled my mum into popping it in the trolly.

So I thought I’d try and help you lasses out a wee bit by giving you a rundown on the best foundations I’ve tried and why they’re awesome. Obviously, everyone has different skin and skin concerns but I hope I’ve got at least one new option you haven’t tried on my list ?


  • The foundation: Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Makeup
  • Why it’s awesome: Heralded by bloggers, vloggers and beauty editors alike as the ‘best foundation’ on the market, I’ve never actually met a lass that doesn’t love this prod. I like building it up and wearing it as a full-coverage foundation as it always sits so beautifully and I get loads of compliments on my ‘skin’ when I’m wearing it. LOL the lies. The finish is quite matte so if your skin errs on the dry/dehydrated side, use a super hydrating primer underneath.
  • Coverage: Medium to full. You can build it up without getting ‘cakey’.
  • Deets: It retails for $54 and is available at MYER, David Jones, Sephora, and (AU)


  • The foundation: NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation
  • Why it’s awesome: You only need the smallest pea-sized amount and it will buff away for the perfect amount of coverage for ‘natural’ makeup days. i.e blurs out imperfections without creating a mask. Can be built up for nighttime and legit does not move off your face despite copious amounts of twerking-induced sweat.
  • Coverage: Sheer to medium. Buildable.
  • Deets:  Available at MECCA for $71 (AU)


  • The foundation: Milani Conceal And Perfect 2 In 1 Foundation And Concealer
  • Why it’s awesome: How good are Milani products, amirite! They’re SUCH good quality and super affordable. This foundation has epic coverage with a satin finish so it’s not really matte and drying. Perfect for night-time glam as it gives a really flawless finish. One of the only full coverage foundations that doesn’t settle into your fine lines.
  • Coverage: Full without being thick and feral.
  • Deets: Available for only $22.95 right here (AU)


  • The foundation: MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Foundation
  • Why it’s awesome: 4 years ago I sat in the magical chair where great things happen (at Sephora) and shook my head at every dang foundation those poor lasses buffed into my complexion. Until the Ultra HD came out. With ‘travellers skin’ (dehydrated, textured etc), it was the only foundation that created a really smooth and flawless complexion. So I’ve been a fan ever since,
  • Coverage: Medium to full.
  • Deets: Available from Sephora for $67 (AU)


  • The foundation: Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation
  • Why it’s awesome: Boosting your radiance tenfold, this foundation is perfect for everyday use as it’s not super $$$ but leaves your skin fresh and glowing.
  • Coverage: Sheer to medium. Leaves you glowy AF.
  • Deets: Available at Priceline for $29 (AU)


  • The foundation: Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able Full Cover Foundation Concentrate
  • Why it’s awesome: It gives this gorgeous airbrushed finish that literally lasts ALL day without getting dry, creased or cakey. The formula offers twice as much pigment, but in an oil-free base that blends instantly across the complexion to completely cover pores, blemishes, and other imperfections with the thinnest possible layer.
  • Coverage: Medium to full.
  • Deets: Available at Sephora for $79 (AU)


  • The foundation: Chantecaille Future Skin
  • Why it’s awesome: Perfect for those who don’t like to wear too much makeup, but need decent coverage that perhaps a tinted moisturiser can’t provide. It’s the sheerest, most velvety formula and is buildable so great for work and play. It really stays put too and gives skin a healthy, dewy glow.
  • Coverage: Medium.
  • Deets: Wait for your next Mecca voucher, then pick one upfor $114 (AU)


  • The foundation: HOURGLASS Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick
  • Why it’s awesome: The ease of drawing the foundation on your face is such an unexpected bonus as you don’t have to waste product or wash your mitts afterwards. I absolutely LOVE the finish of this foundation and it melts into the complexion beautifully. If you don’t know what your shade is, I would advise going in and having one of the lovely girls colour-match you as colours look way different online.
  • Coverage: Medium to full. Also buildable.
  • Deets:  Available at MECCA for $67 (AU)


  • The foundation: M.A.C Lightful C SPF 50 Quick Finish Cushion Compact
  • Why it’s awesome: I love using this when I CBF putting on makeup but my skin tone is really uneven, as it smoothes everything out without looking like you’re wearing a shit tonne of makeup. The cushion compact releases liquid foundation in a superfine layer to provide a natural, satin finish.
  • Coverage: Light and sheer.
  • Deets: Available at any M.A.C counter or online for $59 (AU)


  • The foundation: Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation
  • Why it’s awesome: It ain’t cheap but this must-loved foundation is perfect for special events. Really lightweight with impeccable coverage, this silky formula is perfect for times you want skin that’s next level.
  • Coverage: Medium.
  • Deets: Available here for $99 (AU)


  • The foundation: Rimmel London Lasting Finish 25 HR Foundation
  • Why it’s awesome: Perfect for everyday use when you just want to slap something on and schlep out of the house. The formula of this foundation is oh-so-smooth and blends into your skin beautifully.
  • Coverage: Medium to full.
  • Deets: A steal at $17.95, you can buy this bad boy at most drugstores (AU)


  • The foundation: Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation
  • Why it’s awesome: Being the ignorant gipsy I am, I failed to ever realise that foundations available in an extensive variety of shades suck in Australia. Anyway, my darker-skinned pal has kindly taught me about shades and she swears by those at Bobbi Brown as there’s so much on offer! So rather than having 10 paler shades and then 2 darker shades like so many brands do (under the assumption anyone with darker skin has the same skin tone?), Bobbi Brown has a load of shades available. Plus, the formula is boss.
  • Coverage: Medium to full.
  • Deets: Available here for $72 (AU)


  • The foundation: L’Oreal True Match Liquid Foundation
  • Why it’s awesome: Where do I start! This Lauren Cutisloved foundation helps to provide a natural and healthy-looking glow. Available in 15 true-to-skin shades that span across warm, cool and neutral tones, the liquid foundation matches the colour and texture of your skin and blends easily to create a natural-looking, flawless finish.
  • Coverage: Medium.
  • Deets: $29.95 at most drugstores (AU)


  • The foundation: ModelCo FLUIDSPLASH 3-in-1 Foundation
  • Why it’s awesome: This is my all-time fave foundation to take on holidays when I’m going somewhere tropical. I know that’s super specific but if you’ve tried it you’ll know what I mean when I say it gives you holiday skin. I buy mine in a shade darker for a glowy tan and the finish is just so dewy you look sun-kissed and refreshed from all angels.
  • Coverage: Light to medium.
  • Deets: $32 available here (AU)


  • The foundation: Charlotte Tilbury Magic Skin
  • Why it’s awesome: There’s a reason more makeup artists should start a beauty line and CT has been at the front of the pack since she launched. After years of using different brands, formulas and shades, it only made sense that she would create the foundation she’d been hunting around for. And I’m bloody well glad she did aren’t I, as the finish is so beautiful. My pores disappear and my skin looks face-tuned.
  • Coverage: Full.
  • Deets: Online for $65 (AU)

Words by Kelly McCarren.