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7 Summer Beauty Issues Solved

13 September 2017

Guys, as Nelly once said, it’s getting hot in here. And by here, I’m referring to Australia. Well, Sydney is anyway.


Now I’m not advocating you take off all your clothes (unless you’re at the beach/at home/really comfortable with your body), but we do need to acknowledge that the heat and humidity can cause havoc on our beauty regime. Chafing, sweaty pits, a smokey eye that ends up on your neck and frizzy AF hair ain’t cute.


So here’s how to combat some of the most common beauty issues.

Beauty Issue #1 – Makeup that moves all over yo’ face…

Cakey makeup is about as hot as too-tight swimmers… #notsomuch, yet it can happen quite easily when the temperature rises and we bake our face in a desperate attempt to keep the oil slick at bay.

Put down the powder and pick up a makeup finishing spray. They sound like something some marketing guru with a slew of superlative advertising terms has come up with to make the company even MORE money, but they’re actually awesome.

Use the M.A.C Fix+ or Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray after applying your makeup and I promise it won’t move.

If you suffer from super dehydrated skin even in summer, I can’t suggest the Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist more, Kimmie K uses it to achieve that gorgeous glow (well her makeup artist does).

It’s pricey, but a little goes a long way and the glow-factor is worth it.


Beauty Issue #2 –  Frizzy hair and we DO care…


Does anyone else have hair that looks like this when you brush it? b1f9cdb8747b66edb7587c798153d4bf.jpg

Whatever the fashion mags say, it ain’t cute. I honestly don’t think products do anything (and I’ve tried a LOT), but I think if you put a few spritzes of a smoothing oil in it and comb through when wet, it will help.

Whatever you do, don’t brush it dry. ^ This will happen. If you forget and end up with this mess, just pop it up; will be cooler on your neck anyway and braids, Coachella buns and a top-knot are all chic for summer.

Beauty Issue #3 -Chafing when the friction won’t stahhhpp…

I find chaffing so mortifying, even though I’m aware that only 2% of the population would have thighs thin enough to avoid it. It hurrrrtttts and it leaves awkward rashes.

An easy solution is to opt for looser flowy fabrics or shorts in the warmer months, as fitted skirts and dresses will have your poor little legs rubbing together quicker than you can say ‘HOWDY’.

I don’t know why you’d be saying howdy… but it’s a good word. If you REALLY want to wear something fitted, my best friend swears by baby powder OR you could lube the area up with some non-absorbing body oil… but that could be a wee bit messy.

Beauty Issue #4 – Manky tan à la Tara Reid in the early noughties…

All ladies (and some chaps) know that Thursday night is tan night through the warmer months.

It means we’re all tanned and ‘oh I just got home from Barbados’ for the weekend and super cute in little white playsuits.

Unfortunately, tans are formulated to last and they are hard to get off which leaves you with patchy, crackly skin. #HOT Exfoliating and moisturising will only do so much so for some extra help, I love the ANTHEIA Express Fake Tan Remover KIT and ModelCo Exfoliate Double-Sided Body Wipes – neither are 100% effective at removing tan, but they do a much better job than traditional exfoliators.


TOP TIP: Don’t attempt tan application when you’re 3+ champs down. It won’t end well. Stay tuned for our upcoming ‘how to’ video all about tanning!

Beauty Issue #5 – Exercising is as appealing as a DIY Brazilian in this heat…

But you don’t want to ruin your hard work through the cooler months when you COULD HAVE been snuggled up watching FNL repeats.


Try swimming! YAS! I know, how did you not think of it sooner! Swimming is so good for your fitness AND it burns calories. And don’t worry about getting giant man shoulders, apparently you have to swim for hours a day for that to happen.

Beauty Issue #6 – Congested skin with more texture than a dirt road…

Ugh. Textured skin is the worst.

Trying to cover it with makeup is about as effective as most diets. This can happen when the weather changes as the oil can build up with products that were more suited to your skin in winter. Too many nights of champagne and canapes don’t help either.

If your skin is acne-prone, opt for a chemical exfoliant like the Alpha-H Beauty Sleep Power Peel and use a spot treatment directly on any problem areas.

If your skin isn’t acne-prone, the Clarisonic will change your life. Use it a few times a week with your regular cleanser and you’ll notice a difference in the congestion and texture of your skin immediately.


Beauty Issue #7 – Green hair that just ain’t cute…

Some babes do it for #farshun, but for the rest of us lighter-haired lasses, too many pool parties generally result in slightly sickly shaded hair (plus it gets crazy dry from the chlorine and sun).

Dry hair is porous and will absorb the chemicals easier so always wet your hair prior to putting your noggin’ under water. For added conditioning benefits, I always chuck a cheaper mask in my beach bag to comb through my locks.

Make sure you’re using a clarifying shampoo every few days to rid your hair of toxic crap and product build-up.

For added sun protection, try a UV spray like the Charles Worthington Sunshine Leave-In UV Protection Spray. It’s like sunscreen fo yo hurrrrr.


Words by Kelly McCarren.