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15 Nail Art Trends That Are Oddly Satisfying To Look At

25 September 2019

When it comes to manicures, I’m a soft pinks kind of gal. It hides the fact that I’m really no good at painting my right hand (who is?) and it goes with every single outfit I own. However, if I ever feel like I really need to treat myself it’s off to my nail lady I go. She does all sorts of incredible tips and tricks I could never pull off and I love scrolling her feed for endless inspiration on how to add a little sass to my look with epic nail art. But did I mention how soothing it is to look at?

Honestly, pictures of well-painted nails beat any Insta ASMR out there. It’s like a picture that was perfectly coloured in between the lines. The kind of perfection us mere mortals can’t accomplish but not so far removed from the every day that it feels impossible. What’s not to love?

So next time you’ve got an appointment, take these to your nail lady for inspo.


We let our star signs dictate just about everything else, so why not give your nails the astrological treatment?

Dual Tone

If you even glimpsed at the Emmy’s red carpet you’d know pink and red is coming in hot this season. Dip your toes in the trend by going dual-toned on your nails.

Glitter Ombré

It’s no secret we’re big fans of sparkle, so obviously this trend is right up our street.


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Full-coverage oil slick tips for the win.✔️

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A little bit of bling never hurt anybody!

Fine Lines

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Simple stripes

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No, we don’t mean wrinkles! Just look at these gorge details all created with fine lines and curves.


I don’t know how these little pearls stay on but good golly they look cute.

Line Drawings

These nails are far too easy on the eye. I could stare at them all day.

Micro Floral

If it’s big in fashion, it’s big in nail art.

The Bigger Picture

Tiny brushes, massive results.

Tonal Ombré

This trend is a fave so you don’t have to make the annoying choice of just one colour!

French Tips With A Twist

French tips were everywhere in the 2000s. It’s about time we bought them back with a little update.


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A sheer base tempers ultra-glam studs and rhinestones.✨

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Extra, extra! Read all about it.


People go crazy for the calming and soothing effects of crystals these days. So, why not bring a little zen to your nails too?

Wet Look

Personally, I love wet look eyeshadow, even if it does only last an hour or two before creasing. Luckily, wet look nail art lasts a lot longer.

Animal Print

Leopard print is a neutral or so they say. If you’re not so daring with your nail art, maybe this is your answer to something a little bolder.