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The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Beauty Admin

15 August 2019

I have a confession to make. When it comes to beauty admin, I am extremely lazy, which is super off brand for anyone that knows me. I’ll tan once in a blue moon. I only moisturise my body when I remember (which is not often FYI) and I cannot remember the last time I dry brushed. But just because I’m lazy, doesn’t mean I haven’t worked out a few hacks to keep me at the top of my beauty game (without having to commit 3 hours a night to a 44 step regimen).

Whether you’re time-poor, new to beauty or just CBF. If you need a fast beauty routine, that works, look no further. Here are your top shelf heroes.

In-Shower Moisturiser

TBQH, my aversion to moisturising doesn’t make sense. I bloody love the feeling of skin that’s soft to the touch and has that real healthy glow. However, I don’t love getting out of the shower, getting my skin passably dry and then moisturising my goosebump covered body while trying not to catch a cold. On top of that, you have to wait around in your birthday suit while it sinks in. Cold and nakey is just not luxurious, sorry.

Enter, in-shower moisturiser. You apply it like you would hair conditioner; after you’ve washed, apply and let it sink in for a few mins before rinsing! Hooray for not having to get out of the shower!

The first in-shower moisturiser I was introduced to was Lush’s Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner. It was love at first use. I can confidently say I’ve now been through over 20 of the big containers. Warning, if you don’t like rosy scents the Lush product is not for you. But that’s okay, we’ve got alternatives.

If you’re one of those lucky ducks who get Glossier delivered to their door (Aussie babes we have a solution), their Body Hero Daily Oil works wonders. Plus, it’s got the same scent as Glossier You which is probably the best smelling thing on this earth. For products with a more budget-friendly price point, Nivea’s In-Shower Moisturiser for Dry Skin is another winner.

Hair Masks

If I wash my hair with real shampoo more than once a week, it’s a damn good week. Don’t get me wrong, part of this is just luck. I have generally low maintenance hair (humble brag). After the gym and between washes a spritz and a half of dry shampoo will tide me over but it’s what I do at the start of every week that makes the difference, a hair mask.

Hair masking is akin to face masks for obvious reasons. They’re the weekly touch of luxury that can make or break your beauty admin. If you’re a blonde like myself, a toning mask will work a treat. My personal fave is the Fanola No Yellow Nourishing Mask (you can bag it on Showpo for just $32.95). It helps keeps those brassy undertones at bay and minimises trips to the hairdresser – another big win for beauty admin detractors!

For those who don’t have to worry so much about brassiness another champion from Fanola is the Restructuring Mask (get it for $24.95 right here). This mask doubles down on the nourishing and detangling action, making hair super soft and easy to comb. A final fan fave is the Bondi Boost Hair Mask. The contents of this little tub quench thirsty hair, fight frizz and rejuvenate your lock in just 15 minutes!

To minimise the time spent masking your hair. Do a quick wash as soon as you jump in the shower, whack the mask in and then get down to business with the rest. By the time you’re done, it should just about be time to rinse out the product.

Overnight Masks

Speaking of masks, have you tried an overnight one yet? Sleep-in masks are potentially the beauty god’s best invention.

Most overnight masks really focus on hydrating the skin so if you’re hovering on the dry front (probably because you’re not moisturising), this is the product for you. My personal go-to is the Summer Friday’s Jet Lag Mask. But be warned! This mask as a touch of peppermint in it so if you’re a little sensitive to the tingle, try something else.

Another great overnight mask is the slightly pricey Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask. It makes for a great travel buddy though, apply it on the plane and step off looking like you sat in first class instead of economy.

Should hydration not be at the top of your list, Summer Friday’s R&R Mask is where it’s at. It’s oil based and doesn’t need to dry completely like a clay mask. That way you can do it in the shower and not completely ruin the benefits. It’ll give you the same glow as someone who exfoliates on the reg (if you do, you’re reading the wrong list).

Gradual Tan

Probably the most controversial addition to the list is a good ol’ bottle of gradual tan. I know tan devotees hate it but I hate waiting around for six hours while my tan develops. Plus a good gradual tan, like Tan-Luxe’s The Gradual, will double as a moisturiser cutting out another pesky step of beauty admin. For your face, a couple of self-tan drops added to your facial moisturiser is all you for a year-round summer glow.

Gradual tan also fades a little more forgivingly. So, if you CBF to tan one week, you won’t look like a streaky tiger. Bondi Sands Gradual Tanning Milk is also a safe option but it’s not as hydrating as the Tan-Luxe formula.

We promise these hacks will help you cut down your beauty admin time for good. If you’ve worked out any additional tips and tricks, we’d love to know! Leave us a comment below!

Confessions of a lazy girl, Emma Roffey