HONEST AF REVIEW: Targeted Eye Masks

14 June 2018

Ever since I was a wee lass in my teens, I’ve suffered from dehydration in my under-eye area. The lower socket if you will. The rest of my face will be smooth and relatively hydrated and then my under-eye area is all ‘LOL, imma see how crepe-y and line-y I can get, spesh when you’re wearing makeup for added crinkled hotness’. As I’ve gotten older, I’m pretty sure they’re just now wrinkles, but I am still telling myself they are simply signs of dehydration.

I legit also feel like I’m perpetually battling dark circles and bags so big my Showpo purchases could be hoisted around in them.

Enter, under eye masks – the closest thing to a miracle my eyes will ever see (lol, see what I did there).

What are they?

Targeted mini masks for your eye area and before you say ‘you don’t need them’, trust me, you bloody well do. The skin around your eyes is the most delicate skin on your body (even more so than the skin ‘down there’), so you need it to treat it with care and treat it differently than the rest of your face. PLUS, not all skincare has been ophthalmologically tested, which basically means the ingredients might be damaging on the ol’ peepers.  Ergo, why you need products developed for use around your eyeballs (not in them, around).

What do they do?

A lot of handy things like:

  • Reduces puffiness (i.e hide a lack of sleep or a night of crying while watching sad movies)
  • Hydrates (get rid of that crepe-y-ness)
  • Brightens dark circles
  • Softens fine lines

How do I use them?

Apply onto clean, dry skin – under your peepers like dis…

Leave them on for 10–15 minutes and pat any remaining serum into your skin after removing. I like to use them on Thursday night (in preparation for the weekend), and Sunday night (in recovery from the weekend).

What one should I use?

Well, there is a LOT on the market, but these bad boys have been personally tried and enjoyed by moi…

Arbonne RE9 Advanced Prepwork Gel Eye Masks – You get 60 gel masks in this tub, which at $73 works out to be only $1.20 per mask – a right bargain in comparison to competitors. The packaging is also really environmentally friendly given all 60 masks are perched in the one tub, rather than individually packaged.

Tarte 911 Undereye Rescue Patches – These are like a thirst-quenching bev for your eyes.  Perfect for your month-long Euro trip as the pack is travel-friendly and has the perfect amount of masks for a weekly spa sesh inside.

Ella Baché Regard Magistral Intex Patches – They come in packets of 4 (2 for your under-eye area and 2 for above your brow); so if you’re only worried about your under-eye area, just store the unused masks in the fridge for a few days until you’re ready to use again.

BLAQ Hydrogel Eye Mask – These look way boujeer than they are. Available from drugstores, the charcoal formula is a DREAM for puffy-eyed lads and lasses.

Hydropeptide Polypeptide Collagel+ Mask for Eyes – The are defs the best at ‘plumping’ my under eye area, which gives me a more youthful ‘I HAVE YOUNG SKIN’ look. Even though I don’t anymore 🙁

Estée Lauder Concentrated Recovery Eye Mask – These are PERFECT for air-travel. I love putting them on while everyone is sleeping (instead of scaring children because I’m courteous), and keeping them on for an hour or so. I notice a massive difference on flights if I don’t use them, my eyes get puffy and gross.

Sephora Collection Eye Mask – If you’ve never tried eye masks before, go grab yourself a single-use fellow from Sephora, then you can judge the hype yourself (expect repeat buys). These are also great if you’re away and forgot to bring some as you don’t need to but a full pack.

Karuna Renewal Eye Mask – These are formulated with angelica, a wizardry ingredient that increases hydration in your skin by some silly number.

What about the rest of my face?

Well, that’s not what this post is about my greedy little gherkins BUT, I wrote all about bomb-ass sheet masks here, and I’ll pop some new masks on the market worth trying below.


P.S guys, there’s an eye mask that costs almost $300… 😳😳

What else do you do? Fly me OS?

Mask magic by Kelly McCarren