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How To Get That Perfect Crease-Free Creamy Eyeshadow Look

24 December 2019

I’m going to go ahead and say something, and you’re more than welcome to disagree, but just know you’ll never change my mind. Cream eyeshadows are superior in almost every single way to traditional palettes. They’re easier to apply. The colour payoff is unrivalled.  The sheen they create is unparalleled. Shall I go on? However, I have but one gripe with my creamy eyeshadows. Good lord, they move around. Come 8am they’ll be sitting pretty on my eyelids. But alas, but by 2pm, I’ve got a glitter moustache to contend with. Not hot. Then there’s the slight hiccup with creasing (which is a universal eyeshadow problem, FYI). I want my crease-free, buttery lids to stay that way. Buttery and creamy and all the other dairy-related superlatives that work equally well for describing makeup. Luckily, in my time as a creamy lid connoisseur, I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks – thanks, YouTube! Here’s how to stop eyeshadow from creasing.

Take your time

One of the (many) perks of a creamy shadow is that you only need to use one shade. One sweep of something like the Hourglass Scattered Light range and you’ve got a perfect almost-wet-look eye. Obviously I’m a massive fan because I’m 100% a lazy beauty gal. You can read all about that here. However, just because creamy shadows are a one and done affair, doesn’t mean you can rush right through it. Just like you would with your foundation, you have to let your skincare sink in before slapping your makeup on. That means dusting off the eyeshadow primer hiding in the bottom of your beauty bag and using it (we like this one). Then after you use it, wait for a few moments. Use this time to brush your teeth or make of cup of tea or something. Whatever you do, make sure it takes about two minutes so you don’t jump the gun and go glam before your skin is ready for it. Your eyeshadow won’t stick to a wet base, it’s science.

Not all formulas are equal

When it comes to choosing which eyeshadow you’re going to invest in, make it a good one. This should go without saying but pick a long-wear product. If you’re picking an old creamy eyeshadow, you can’t expect results. If it’s a look you’ll wear for special occasions, invest. Heck, even if it’s going to be your everyday look, invest. Unless you know, glitter moustaches are your thing.

Use the right tools

We’re not suggesting you run out and buy a billion expensive brushes. You just invested in the eyeshadow, who has the budget for both?! However, the tools you use are just as important as the product itself. You can use whatever brushes you already have, or even your fingers, but first they have to be clean and dry. You don’t want to introduce any excess oils to the formula. You’re already on an uphill battle, remember? Once you’ve applied your shadow, set it! A light touch of powder won’t ruin all your hard work. Just make sure you use a fluffy brush to disperse it properly.

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Don’t underestimate the power of a touch-up

Just like you’d double there’s no lipstick on your teeth when you’re on a first date, it pays to do a few touch-ups. If you’ve prepped properly (see above) you won’t need to do it often. Avoid using your fingers in this process, the oils you’ve come into contact with love ruining a good makeup look. Instead, keep a couple of cotton tips in your handbag to roll over any issues. I repeat, roll, do not wipe.