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You Need To Know About These Australian Beauty Brands

09 August 2019

You’ve heard about K-beauty from Korea. You’ve heard about J-beauty from Japan, but now, A-beauty is all the rage. That’s right, Australian beauty brands are finally making the waves they deserve overseas and you know what? It’s about damned time.

You might think A-beauty is about as complicated as smearing some Vegemite across your face and calling it a mask, and you’re not strictly wrong. A-beauty is the fuss free, simple skincare and makeup routine you’ve been waiting for. It won’t ask you to layer seven serums in a very specific order, you won’t have to do a special dance before applying and it certainly won’t break the bank. Because of A-beauty’s focus on natural, Aussie ingredients, you can stick to the one brand or layer several and still get the same fresh-faced, sun-protected glow. ‘So, where do I start?’, I hear you ask. Right here, with our round-up of the best Australian beauty brands to have on your radar.

Go-To Skincare

We’ve waxed poetic about how much we love Zoe Foster-Blake on this website before so if you thought her brand wouldn’t be on the top of your list, you’re dreamin’. Not only is Go-To Skincare the most aesthetically pleasing range you’ll add to your top shelf, but in terms of ingredients, it’s pretty dang wholesome too. None of the ingredients are hard to say (or to spell for that matter) and you’ll pretty much recognise them all if you know your stuff about skin. As a former beauty editor that’s Foster-Blake’s MO, fuss-free, honest and easy to understand.

Stand out picks from the range are the Exfoliating Swipeys which save you the hassle of working out exactly how many AHAs you should be using every few nights, the Face Hero Oil which makes you a glow-getting superstar and the Lips! lip balm (and anyone who knows me knows I’m a tough nut on the lip balm front).

Frank Body

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Coffee, soft skin and a brand that’s about as cheeky as all Aussie’s are famous for, what’s not to love? Frank Body is the quintessential A-beauty brand. Originally created as a small operation out of a Melbourne coffee shop (we feel that!), the brand has more than 741K followers double-tapping on its Insta pics daily. We can’t go past their OG product range, coffee-based body scrubs that literally leave you softer than a baby. Are they messy as hell? Yes. Is that part of the fun? Also yes.

Once you’ve got your bod all soft and silky, you can dive into their skincare range. With cleansers, face scrubs, lip care and now haircare added to the line up you could probably get away with Frank Body being your entire regimen.

MCo Beauty

Now we know you’ve heard about this one before because we stock it on Showpo! If you’ve yet to dive in and try it, let this be yet another sign. MCo Beauty is a little different to the other brands we’ve suggested because they’re a bit more beauty-focused than skincare per se. Loved for their richly pigmented products, everything is made with advanced formulas and super glorious buttery textures. We also love that they’ve got a typically lower price point than other beauty brands but the quality of the products still earns them cult-status Down Under.

If you’re looking to dip your toes into MCo Beauty, start with the Highlight & Glow Stick In Champagne or the Bronze Shimmer Brick.

Kora Organics

Take one look at Miranda Kerr and you’ll realise why we love her beauty brand, Kora Organics. Launched in 2009, every product in the range is dedicated to giving you that Victoria’s Secret Angel glow. Like most A-beauty brands, Kora Organics is also focused on being green, using natural ingredients like rosehip oil, noni, and chamomile. If you’re like me and you need your beauty routine to blend into your everyday life, pick up the Noni Glow Sleeping Mask. You’ll thank us when you wake up the next morning with enough confidence to enter the Dolly Model Search (if it still existed) and get discovered just like MK.


I for one was shocked when I found out one of my fave brands, Jurlique was actually founded in Oz. The two founders both have backgrounds in botany and biochemistry that help formulate their plant-based products. They also sustainably farm ingredients like lavender, rose, and calendula in Adelaide to ensure top quality. Jurlique is a fan fave at Showpo HQ. Many of us keeping their mists in prime position on our desks for when we need a quick pick me up. I have the Rosewater Balancing Mist and I won’t lie, it’s a strong rival for my forever favourite Mario Badescu mist.


You can’t discuss A-beauty without mentioning Aesop. Just one of their iconic products instantly makes your bathroom look a little fancier than it is which is almost justifies the expense (almost). The formulas are super luxurious which even make their handsoaps an item worth lusting after. Even just popping into their stores seems like a first-class activity. If you still want the benefits of ingredients like Tasmanian Pepper Berry without having to sell a vital organ, try The Ordinary. While not strictly an A-beauty brand, some of their best products include this magical ingredient.

Ultra Violette

We couldn’t round off this list without including our fave SPF. Ultraviolette is a line of sunscreens spruced up with native botanicals which work wonders for your skin and are comfortable to wear daily. Let’s face it if you’re living anywhere where the sun shines (read: everywhere), using an SPF is non-negotiable. So, you might as well choose one that plays nicely with your other skincare and makeup. Thanks to a mix of mineral and physical SPFs, you’ll get total protection without claggy white streaks interrupting your glow. This is also a great product to layer on top of retinol and retinoids because there is no point using anti-aging products if you’re gonna go ahead and let the sun ruin all your hard work.