9 Undercover Beauty Brands You Need To Try ASAP

16 March 2018

With the explosion of Instagram beauty brands and the ability to buy just about everything online now, you can get your hands on some very cool beauty products. And trust us, there’s plenty to sample. Most of the popular new products are well-kept secrets amongst beauty junkies but we always kiss and tell. So, these are the 9 products you must add to your beauty bucket list this year!

#1 Bastide

Oui oui, we love this feminine French brand! They make gorgeous smelling and all natural hand & body creams, soaps and candles.

Hero product: Figue d’Ete Hand Cream. This scent is addictive and the cream won’t leave your hands greasy like some others can.

#2 Morphe

This very cool brand was born out of Los Angeles and designed with makeup artists in mind. Completely professional quality without the hefty price tag.

Hero product: Morphe Brushes 35O 35 Color Nature Glow Palette. A deluxe eyeshadow palette dedicated to every shade of nude under the sun.

#3 Dose of Colors

Created by long-time beauty devotee, Anna Petrosian, this young brand has an epic collection of lip products that are cruelty-free and vegan.

Hero product: Matte Liquid Lipstick. It’ll be hard for you to pick just one colour of because the range is incredible.

#4 Farsali

This exotic brand is growing a cult following for their multi-purpose skin products that are jam-packed with antioxidants like acai and goji berries.

Hero product: Farsali Unicorn Essence. This clever water-based serum works amazingly well as a primer and part of your night-time skincare routine.

#5 War Paint

If you want an affordable and at- home DIY answer to expensive dentist whitening treatments, then try this charcoal infused black powder that promises to brighten your pearly whites overnight.

Hero product: Organic Teeth Whitener Powder (yes we sell it at Showpo)!

#7 Storybook Cosmetics

Yay rejoice for the inner child in you who still hearts all your favourite Disney stories because now you can get your hands on storybook inspired makeup brushes and palettes.

Hero product: Limited Edition Roses Are Black Brush Set. This collection is almost too good to use.

#7 Minetan

The guy behind this incredible self-tanner was also the Kardashians personal tanner so if it’s good enough for the celebs, well, considered us converted without question.

Hero product: Hollywood Glow Self Tan Foam – actually the best colour you’ll ever get from a tan.

#8 No Pong

Ok, so this is probably the least sexy beauty item but it had to be included it because it will change your deodorant ways. It’s 100% natural and guaranteed to combat sweat better than something you can get in the supermarket.

Hero product: All Natural Anti-Odourant in Original

#9 Gerard Cosmetics

Born to solve the common beauty blunders we encounter daily; Gerard cosmetics is still a beauty junkie secret but not for long! Fall in love with the luxe gold packaging.

Hero product: Slay All Day Setting Sprays. This superfine mist will nix any oil slicks throughout the day by mattifying your skin.

Words by Jennifer Aitken.