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I Went 7 Days Without Makeup, Here’s What Happened

07 March 2019

Whether you love a full face with Kardashian-esque contouring or you rock brushed up brows with light coverage, most of us are pretty damn reliant on our makeup routine. We may skip the cut crease on a beach day, but the thought of going to work without our ‘face’ on is confronting.

I ditched the good stuff for an entire week, and here’s what happened…


I decided to ease into my makeup-free week with the day of rest. Since I often don’t bother with a full face on the weekend, it should fairly easy, right? Wrong. Starting off strong I pottered around the house with my clean skin but the horror quickly closed in when I was invited to Sunday drinks. In a desperate attempt to pull myself together I spent over an hour ‘perfecting’ (read: effing around) with my hair and then made an executive decision that a bit of Lanolips wouldn’t hurt. I made it through, without any compliments.


The start of the work week rolled around and I was relieved to cut a good twenty minutes from my morning routine. I had a cheeky sleep in, did my hair and was out the door. There was no reaction from anyone at work, although I did cringe when I saw a meeting with the CEO in my diary. I felt like I rolled out of bed and into his office.


It was day 3 and I was feeling good. The extra free time was great and let’s face it, my makeup usually melts off my face by 11am anyway. Despite being a beauty editor for most of my career, I never mastered the ‘stay all day’ base. As I went about my workday I received no funny looks or comments. I deemed it a success and went to bed loving the fact I didn’t have to wash my face!


Coming straight from the gym on hump day morning meant my hair was nothing special. This coupled with a makeup-free face was not my best look. I was pleasantly surprised when my boyfriend noted, ‘you look nice today’, ‘very fresh’. I chose to take ‘fresh’ as a compliment and enjoyed another night of face-wipe free bliss.


As I reached the end of the work week I was blessed with a major advantage – fake tan. My strict schedule sees me darkening around 3-4 shades on a Wednesday night, and everyone knows, you can get away with a lot less makeup with a tan.

I felt unstoppable, that is until my Dad picked me up from work and became very concerned about how ‘tired’ I looked. I explained I just wasn’t wearing eyeliner but he was convinced I was very ‘run down’. Turns out I wasn’t fooling everyone with my natural beauty.


Fri-yay hits and I decide to turn it up a notch at the office. Confused my colleagues haven’t mentioned my foundation (and lash) free face I decide it’s time to investigate whether they’ve noticed at all. Maybe I’m just that #blessed? Turns out they have.

‘Oh I definitely did notice but didn’t want to say anything’ I’m told. ‘Your skin is amazing though, you don’t need it at all’. Armed with this compliment, I head into my final day of the makeup ban, bring on Saturday!


All week I’ve been really pumping up my skincare routine. I’m convinced if my skin is moisturised and ‘glowy’ it will make up for my non-existent lashes. My complexion is thanking me for this and come Saturday, I’m pretty used to looking in the mirror and seeing no dramatic cat-eye.

I’m loving the extra time and the lack of morning rage when my liner gets so thick it takes over my entire lid. Again, my downfall comes in the form of a social commitment and I break with a touch of mascara for dinner with the girls. I’ve pretty much made it to the end after all and I definitely enjoy getting out of the house without looking half asleep.

The Results:

After seven long days of freckles roaming free and my lashes lying flat, I’ve completed a successful experiment. I’ve definitely become less reliant on the copious amounts of eye makeup and foundation thick enough to cover my freckles but one thing is for sure, I’m no Emily Ratajkowski. I won’t be ditching my makeup bag for good any time soon. To prove it, I take joy in painting on a full-face for over an hour to go out on Sunday. Hey, it’s all about balance right?

Tried and tested by Cassidy Loane