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Gift Cards- How to!

To Buy A Showpo Gift Card

Simply search ‘Gift Card’ on the Showpo website and choose from one of our e-gift card designs.

Then, enter the amount you wish to purchase, fill out the details, and add a personalized message for the lucky owner. You can also select if you want the gift card sent straight away, or pick a date so they receive it on a special occasion.

The recipient will receive the gift card in their email, and simply need to enter the gift card code in the coupon field at checkout to start shopping.

All gift cards are valid for three years from the time of purchase.


To Use a Showpo Gift Card

Select item(s) you want to purchase and add to your Shopping Cart.

When you’re ready to checkout, go into your Shopping Cart and at the bottom-right, there is a space to enter your Gift Card code.

You can click to check the balance or apply the voucher to the order.

If your purchased value is less than the Gift Card amount, the leftover balance will remain and you can use it in a future order.

If your purchased value is more than the Gift Card amount, you will need to enter your payment details upon checkout.

Once the payment is successful, you will receive a confirmation email of the purchase.


You don’t need to have a Showpo account to use a gift card, but we recommend joining the party so you can easily track your order, monitor the delivery progress, lodge returns, and so much more.


Still not sure? Get in touch via livechat, or email at and we'll happily help you out.