How To Holiday As A Couple Without Breaking Up

Surviving your first trip together as a twosome

There comes a point in every relationship when heading off on a romantic holiday together seems like a really good idea. And it can be… if you put in the effort to ensure you both survive being with one another 24/7 without wanting to kill each other. So, before you start endlessly daydreaming about holidaying as a couple or strolling hand in hand in a postcard-perfect foreign city it’s time to do a little vacation-proofing first.

Choose a destination you’ll both enjoy

This may sound really obvious but deciding on a location for your first big holiday together is actually one of the most important things you both need to do à deux. If one of you is dreaming of deckchairs and pools while the other is imagining mountain climbing and sleeping under the stars then you’re going to encounter some major issues. Think of a few potential destinations then discuss how it would work with the holiday each of you has in mind. You may find that spending a few days in one spot then moving onto another will satisfy both of your needs.

Discuss how you’re going to split costs during your trip

Yes, this is as sexy as your grandad in Speedos but it’s important. Money is often one of the major causes of fights amongst couples so you’re better of having the finances discussion before you reach the boarding gate. Sit your other half down and chat about everything from how you’re going to divvy up costs like accommodation and meals to any big expenses like special dinners and big nights out. The last thing you want is to be arguing about who paid for what when you should be in peak loved up mode.

Lock in a basic itinerary

There’s nothing worse than wandering around aimlessly because you can’t agree on where to go. Before you leave, have a chat about what you both want to get out of the trip. One of you might just want to relax and see where the day takes you, whereas one has a list of activities they want to do so it’s only fair to come up with a loose plan beforehand. That’s not saying you have to Contiki the shit out of your trip and plan every last second but it does give you an idea of how you’re going to spend the day.

Agree on how much alone time you’ll have

It’s a very rare couple who can spend every waking moment together and still remain on speaking terms. Think about how much time you spend together at home and then think of how much time you’ll have to spend together when you’re away. To avoid any potential hurt feelings, chat about what activities you might want to do on your own. A little alone time also gives you time to miss each other and have something new to talk about.

Manage your expectations

Reality check: your holiday will not be Insta-worthy all the time. If you expect every waking moment to be a Nicholas Sparks movie then you ’re setting yourself up for disappointment. It’s important to go in with a relaxed attitude and appreciate spending time together without the added pressure of having to do romance on steroids.

Remember your sense of humour

Not every trip will be perfect. Whether it’s lost luggage, accommodation that’s not quite right or a missed flight, travel dramas happen and that’s when your relationship will truly be tested. Remember to take a deep breath instead of turning everything into a drama. See it as a way for you both to grow as a couple and laugh about it together. After all, you’re on holiday remember?

Couples Vacay Therapy by Tania Gomez

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