Avoiding Jet Lag: 12 Tips You Need In Your Life

You catch flights not feelings, so how do you avoid the big ugly jet lag monster? Whether you’re a regular or once a year traveller you’re likely to experience it at some point.

The lack of sleep makes you vulnerable and a tad grouchy in a foreign place, which is not how the first few days of your trip should play out. Unfortunately, our body clocks take a good beating from the disordered sleeping and the subsequent symptoms are a killer.

 Jet lag can induce:

  • Drowsiness
  • Insomnia
  • Disorientation
  • Irritability
  • Headaches

Thank god there are plenty of easy hacks we’ve learnt for you to try before, during and after your flight to combat jet lag and we’re here to share em’ all.

#1 Book the red eye…

If you have the choice, always opt for the overnight flight. By sleeping at night and waking up in your destination, you’ll maintain a somewhat normal sleeping pattern.

#2 Get comfy on-board…

Pack everything that you need to get a good amount of shut-eye. Checklist: pillow, blanket, eye mask and headphones. Also, recline your chair just halfway, it’s the best alignment for sleeping up in the air.

#3 Stop grazing…

Eating a whole bag peanut M&M’s on the plane might seem like fun but really, the glorious sugar rush from it is just keeping your body awake so you’re less likely to snooze.

#4 Say no…

To plane food! It’s too salty and definitely not satiating. If you must eat, make it light and healthy. Be prepared and pack your own veggie sticks, fruit, protein bars and nuts.

#5 Drink up…

Cheers to drinking as much water as possible ladies! Planes are dehydrating so who cares if you have to keep asking the stranger sitting next to you to move all the time to use the bathroom – it’s worth it.

#6 Skip the alcohol…

Ok sorry to be a party pooper but we strongly recommend avoiding the free mini cart selection of wine, vodka and beers. Just watch Kristen Wiig in Bridesmaids if you don’t understand why.

#7 Exercise before and after your flight…

It’s probably the last thing you feel like doing but easily one of the best things you can do to reset your body clock and slay that jet lag.

#8 Catch some sun…

The natural light will wake you up into the new time zone. So if you can resist your irresistible hotel bed, get outside and wander first.

#9 Only fly business class…

JOKING! How good would it be though?!

#10 Get on local time…

As soon as you are seated on your flight, update your watch and phone to the time zone of your destination to mentally prepare for the time difference.

#11 Talk to your doctor…

Don’t prescribe your own cocktail of sleeping aids, talk to your GP first about the right supplement for you.

#12 Stress less…

Pack everything you need, triple check your itinerary, and arrive at the airport early to minimise last-minute worry. A calm mind will help you relax during the flight.


Words by Jennifer Aitken.

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