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The Best Reactions To The GOT Series Finale

The world is dark and full of spoilers

After eight seasons and about a gazillion plot twists, Game Of Thrones is over and our watch has finally ended. Undoubtedly, the last season of the show has cooked up some major controversy. GOT fans haven’t been this mad at the showrunners since Stannis Baratheon burned his daughter alive in season five (yeah, this show is dark guys) and have been voicing their concerns about what will happen in the end for weeks now.

A couple of predictions have been doing the rounds online and let me clear something up now. Cersei and Jamie are dead dead dead. You don’t have to watch the final to know that. Jamie and Brienne shippers just need to get on board. Okay? Thanks.

If you wanted an accurate prediction of what will happen this ep, Twitter user @najawx had the right idea (we think, anyway).

Moving on. You can breathe a sigh of relief because the end is here and so are the Twitter reactions. It goes without saying, if you haven’t watched the finale, stop reading now. There, you’ve had your warning. If you choose to ignore it, don’t @ me in the comments.

If you’re here for a spoiler-free reaction round-up, then here you go. Don’t ask for more.

Final Spoiler Alert

Below this incredibly accurate tweet is the internet’s best reactions to the GOT finale. Read at your own risk.

First of all, I want to thank Jen Chaney for asking perhaps the only relevant question of 2019. If you’re Peter Dinklage’s hairstylist, please call me. We need to talk.

Plot twist: Brienne is the great-great-great-great ancestor of Carrie Bradshaw

Since I haven’t actually seen the episode in its entirety (yes I’m spoiling it for the sake of my art, send me your praise), I can only assume that in a moment of pure catharsis Brienne spills every bit of tea she has on Jamie. I’m praying to whoever rules the Seven Kingdoms that she does a better job of it than Jeffree Star did in his James Charles video.

Tyrion, we don’t have time for you to recount Dany’s story arc from start to end. Get to the fucking point.

You know nothing Jon Snow

By all accounts, Jon Snow still knows (and does) nothing.

Oop, I take it back

Hang on a min, turns out he did do something.

Drogon = good boy

Sorry Diplo, we should have listened.

Well, this is awkward…

Oh, look, behind the scenes footage of the thought process behind who wins the now non-existent Iron Throne.

Speaking of people who aren’t fit to lead, here is exactly how long Daenerys was Queen of the Seven Kingdoms for.


In the biggest shock of 2019, a man with little to no experience or skill was given a job over two women that were more qualified and better equipped to do it. GOT really is a glimpse into our future.

Louder for those in the back.

Truth bomb alert.

Meanwhile in Gendry’s world.

Right in the feels

The writers made good on their promise that the ending would be “bittersweet”. Somehow, we’re all feeling bad that Cersei (arguably the nastiest biatch in Westeros) and Jamie (who broke poor Brienne’s heart) died.

Of course, not everyone is stoked about the ending, but could you imagine if it any of these.

So what next?

Well, now we wait to see if George RR Martin can find his laptop under all his stacks of money so maybe we can have the last book.

If you haven’t watched it yet, please don’t be this person.

Emma Roffey, First of Her Name, Writer of Blogs and Still A Better Choice for the Throne.

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