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Is Taylor Swift A Badass Or Just A Bitch?

I'm sorry, the old Taylor can't come to the phone right now...

In case you hadn’t heard, the old Taylor Swift is dead. And FYI, the first time I heard that lyric, I was like this…

And now I’m like this…

If the old Taylor (blonde, perky, loves cats, is a little manipulative at times but deep down a good person) is dead, who is this new Taylor and what can we expect from her?

Just like when Jenny Humphrey turned goth or the time I flirted with my besties brother, the question has to be asked: is she a badass or just a bitch?


You Taylor Swift fans are one psycho-scary lot, so I’ll start with the pro-badass argument so you can give me plenty of “damn straight, Tay Tay can do no wrong!” in the comments. Please and thank you.

I’m not going to drag you all the way back to the beginning of Taylor’s career (right now), because chances are you probably know more about it than me, but more importantly, because the past is the past and a person should only be judged on who they are today.

And today, Taylor (for this argument) is a badass.

I know that sentence is probably all the validation you Swifty’s need, but let me provide my opinion too…

Taylor has been put through more media shit than any other celebrity. PERIOD.

[Not real headlines but pretty damn close].

  • “How many exes has this girl had?”
  • “This song is totally about HIM.”
  • “Kanye prefers Bey over Tay”
  • “Will she ever forgive Kanye?”
  • “Taylor nabs the big D from 1D.”
  • “Katy vs Taylor”
  • “Katy vs Taylor”
  • “Katy vs Taylor”
  • “Is Taylor’s squad just a bunch of mean girls?”
  • “Taylor befriends Kanye probs in an attempt to get back at Katy”
  • “Taylor drops DJ for Loki”
  • “Kanye made that bitch famous”
  • “Did Taylor get a boob job?”

Like fuck, I would be completely soul destroyed if someone said as much shit about me as they say about Taylor.

Actual footage of me when someone says I breathe too loudly.

But new Taylor isn’t hiding in a suitcase, she isn’t destroyed. Because nobody can destroy Taylor Swift, except Taylor Swift.

She calls out everyone in her new single Look What You Made Me Do: exes, the media, Kanye, Kim, Katy – but she also calls out herself. She mocks all her past personas, nailing every cliché and label the world has ever given her, as if to say, “I know what you say about me, but you’ll never break me, because I decide when that happens.”

It’s a revenge song for all the shit that’s gone down in the past year for sure, but more importantly, it’s a cathartic process for Taylor. Before ‘Snapchat gate’ she must have felt enormous pressure to uphold the image of a good person; someone who is beloved by the world, friends with everyone and would never tell a lie… but now that some of the world views her as a liar and a snake, she might as well be the queen of the fucking snakes.

Taylor has always had haters. But instead of shaking them off like she used to in order to save her image, she’s starting to face them for better or worse, and that’s pretty badass.


When it comes down to it, there are two main reasons for a girl to be a bitch. 1. She’s insecure and 2. She’s too addicted drama.

And every time there’s drama, there’s Taylor Swift.


Granted, the whole microphone-grabbing incident that kicked off this whole thing may have had nothing to do with her, but if you think she hasn’t had a hand in everything since, then girl, you’re as crazy as a Sephora sale on pay day.

There are plenty of other celebrities as high-profile as Taylor Swift who manages to stay OUT of everything. No feuds, no shady phone calls, no acceptance speeches taking a dig at someone you don’t like….  

I mean COME ON. All she had to do was watch Frozen, listen to Elsa and let it go.

  • When Kanye interrupted her speech? LET IT GO
  • When Katy wanted to hire some of her backup dancers? LET IT GO
  • When Kanye never apologised after years? LET IT GO
  • When Katy publicly called for a truce? LET IT GO
  • When Kanye wrote lyrics about her? LET IT GO
  • When Kim released videos of THE phone call? LET IT GO

But a bitch doesn’t let things go, a bitch holds on to information and uses it when it’s most impactful and hurtful to others.

Here’s how it actually played out.

When Kanye interrupted her speech? Joke about it and say you’re fine because of your innocent image, but know you have a favour to call in as soon as that changes…

When Katy wanted to hire some of her backup dancers? Threaten your dancers with breach of contract, blame Katy for putting them at risk, and write a song about her shady ways to give your image some edge.

When Kanye never apologised? Find him, explain what good press a public reconciliation would be and use his profile to boost your change in genre.

When Katy publicly called for a truce? Don’t respond. This feud has resulted in so much press and drama, there’s no point ending it now. And if you’re ever going to announce an official apology, it will be during your album promotion and not hers, der.

When Kanye wrote lyrics about her? Don’t comment on it at first, because you have an award ceremony soon and you could use it to write a killer speech that puts everyone on your side without having to officially deny you already knew about the lyrics.

When Kim released the videos – Publish a public statement on your Instagram declaring your innocence and that you’d rather have nothing to do with Kim and Kanye, even though you were the one that agreed to their publicity-gaining friendship in the first place. But instead of ‘removing yourself from the narrative’, just go into hiding for a bit so you have time to work out a foolproof revenge plan. Starting with self-sabotage so that you’re untouchable.

So what do you think, is Taylor a badass or a bitch?

Words by Samantha McMeekin.

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5 thoughts on “Is Taylor Swift A Badass Or Just A Bitch?”

  1. Bitch doesn’t even begin to describe Taylor. She constantly plays the role of the victim, but her entire career’s based off of talking shit about her exes and everyone else who’s publicly dissed her. She’s a psychotic, hypocritical CUNT.

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