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Love Island, We Already Miss You

Last week’s finale saw the end of yet another totally addictive reality tv series that we have been faithfully following each week. First the Bachelor, then Married at First Sight, and now Love Island. Anyone else a shameless fan of all of the above? Can someone please tell us what we are going to do with our lives now!! PLEEEEASE!!

You’d think we would have been sick of trashy reality dating shows by now… HELL NAH

Chucking a bunch of genetically blessed Aussies in a massive villa in Spain where they all supposedly fall head-over-heels for one another? Sounds cheesy. But insert a hilarious Irish narrator who commentates the ENTIRE show with savage remarks #lastonebacktothevillahastofinishprimaryschool, and you’ve got yourself a tv sensation folks.

Apart from the fact that everything sounds waaay funnier in an Irish accent (who knew!), here are a few more things we learnt from Love Island.

1# If he doesn’t give you fanny flutters, he’s not the one…

How do you know if the guy you’ve got your eye on is a keeper? Well, according to the gals in the villa, if he doesn’t give you ‘fanny flutters’ then forget it. Boy, bye.

#2 ‘Fink’ is not a word…

Girls, there ain’t nothing more attractive in a man than good pronunciation, am I right? Or am I right??? So the real question here is, do Eden’s hunky biceps make up for his lack of brain cells? If we had a dollar for everytime he used FINK instead of THINK we’d have enough to take our whole girl squad to Splendour by now! Not since 2003 when Shannon Noll came runner-up on Australian Idol have we as a nation fell so unapologetically in love with a bigger Aussie bogan.

#3 Kangatarian, scarily it’s exactly what you think it is…

In a conversation with his partner, Millie, male model Justin revealed that he used to be ‘kangatarian’. Uhhh what? Lucky for us, Justin went on to clarify the term, saying it meant he only eats kangaroo and fish. If that’s the secret to getting abs, we’ll pass, thanks!

#4Turns out Jacqui Lambie is the voiceover for Sophie Monk…

Well, not exactly. But if you close your eyes, can you really pick the difference? Cause we can’t!

#5 Everyone looks hotter when running in slow motion…

Running… it’s probably my least favourite activity and one that I prefer to do at night so that I don’t scare young children with my sweaty breathlessness. So I really have to give it to these guys and gals for coming in HOT with Baywatch 2.0 here! Although, the jury is still out on those budgie smugglers…Yes or no ladies?

#fangirl Sophie Stockman.

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