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Australian’s 2019 Bachelor Has Been Announced


It was only last night when I was sitting at my Nanny’s house, stuffing my face with pizza, while rolling my eyes at my sister’s investment in bloody MAFS, as she bickered with Nanny about watching it instead of enjoying ‘family time’.

My sister then asked me if I was planning on watching this year’s Bachelor, before nattering on about how excited she already was for it despite there being loads of way cooler stuff happening this year, like I don’t know, HER SISTER GETTING BLOODY MARRIED. Anyway, I scoffed at her and told her I couldn’t care less about the stupid bachelor and the only reason I would watch it would be if I was on recap duty. All the while praying fervently that I would not, in fact, have to do them (damn you people and your investment into bach chat, if the stats weren’t always so good this wouldn’t even be a thing).

Fast forward to this morning when I woke up and was mindlessly scrolling insta and patting my pussy (an actually pussy cat – get your mind out of the gutter you filthy human) and I saw THIS…

GUYS AND GALS WE HAVE A HOT NERD!!! After the shitstorm that was Mister Badger, the world (i.e a small portion of the Australian population) NEEDED a refreshing change, and hot science man is going to fill our void (lel he can fill my void) perfectly.

There’s not much info about hot science man yet, only boring stuff on his LinkedIn about his sciencey career stuff (which is vastly important obvs, but also… look at his lovely face), but he has a new insta page C10 set up for him (because before now, he didn’t have time for such low brow stuff like insta) and can we all have a lol at my sister, who in the mere hour since C10 announcing hot science man as next bachy, has found and followed him…

AU Bachelor 2019

Now excuse me while I go tell my manager that I’ll do the bach coverage but ONLY because I’m such a team player and ONLY because I’m just very dedicated to my job.

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