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Which Colours Suit Your Skin Tone?

Which colours make you look drab and fab? ☀️❄️

Have you ever tried on clothing in a certain colour that’s suddenly made your skin glow, eyes sparkle and has you looking fabulously radiant, only to throw on another shade and suddenly morph into a drab, washed-out version of yourself?

No, this isn’t some form of sorcery – it’s simply the art of knowing which colours work with your skin tone that’ll have you looking fierce AF, as well as knowing which tones will make you look washed out and just… bleh.

Got NFI where you fall on the spectrum? Then read on…

Warm or Cool Toned?

The first step in determining what colour suits you best is sussing out if you’re warm or cool toned, and there are a few ways you can do this.

Jewellery Test

Place a silver and gold watch, ring or bracelet and place on top of your skin. If you’re cool-toned, silver will tend to look better on you, while gold will generally flatter warm skin tones.

Vein Test

Look at the veins near your wrist, are they blue, or more of a greenish hue? The former means you’re cool toned, while the latter means you’re warm. If you’re having trouble deciding, you may have a neutral undertone.


If You’re Warm-Toned…

Warm-toned gals look fab in earthy colours – think red, peach, coral, orange, amber, gold, and yellow. You can also go for ‘warm’ versions of cool colours, like violet-red and olive. Avoid icy tones including sky blues, satin pink and amethyst.

Left to right: Midnight Garden Dress in Yellow, Wild Crowd Dress in Red, One Last Night Maxi Dress in Rust Floral 


If You’re Cool-Toned…

Opt for shades of cobalt blue, mint greens, navy, frosty purples and pinks and berry reds. Avoid bright orange and yellows and they can wash you out.

Left to right: Thank Me Later Dress in Navy Floral, Figure Eight Dress in Pink Polka Dot, Best of All Jumpsuit in Navy White


If You’re Neutral Toned…  

Lucky you! Having a blend of warm and cool tones means you can pretty much get away with wearing anything, but perhaps avoid super-vibrant colours as they may overpower your skin tone.

Left to right: Standing Too Close Dress in Gold Sequin, Tempted to Touch Playsuit in KhakiAcross My Heart Playsuit in Gold.


Words by Jessica Lynch 

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