2018 Christmas Gift Guide | Ideas For The Chaps In Your Life


Shampoo – Ok this is such a random inclusion but my dad gets such bad dandruff and I know he’s not alone. It’s like a prerequisite to being a dad. ANYWHO, this sebamed stuff works wonders and dads are hard enough to shop for so you may as well get him something useful.

Superfood Smoothie Blend – If there’s a man in your life who enjoys the benefits of protein powders, give him a health kick without him even realising it, with this delicious (hemp protein) smoothie blend.

Cap – For your bro or BF, please do not give one to anyone older than 50 because… well you know. #ageist?


Meme Game – This is actually hilarious. He’ll love the inappropriate jokes and it’s the perfect game for Xmas day…but probs not in front of gran.

Printed Shirt – I call these party shirts because they are 1000% more fun than your traditional button-ups. Try Tarocash, The Iconic and H&M for fabulously fun options at decent prices.

Natio Gift Set – Get him a full-sized body wash, face wash, face scrub, face moisturiser, shaving gel, EDT and cooler bag (good for his lunch) under $50. No, that’s not a typo.

PC4 Men – For the man who knows his stuff when it comes to skincare, check out the range at Paula’s Choice.

Under $150

Versace Dylan Blue Pour Homme – Smells great and he’ll be beyond chuffed to get a set in his fancy blue boy box.


Weekender Duffel Bag – This is an extra exxy buy at just over $1k 😱🤑 but if you want to treat your man who travels short distances on the reg, this is a great choice. He’ll feel boujee AF walking around with this!

Tom Ford Ombre Leather – This light and dizzyingly sensual fragrance makes me swoon, so treat your man to a bottle this Christmas and you’re basically gifting both of you.

Watch – Help him build his ‘collection’ (seriously though, what is it with men and their ‘watch collection’) with a brand spanking new ticker.

Wireless Headphones – What is it about men and listening to EVERYTHING crazy loud!? My dad, brother and bf ALL do it. With a pair of wireless headphones, they really have no excuse plus they will cancel out your shows/squealing etc. Win-win!

Leather Backpack – Give him an upgrade from the sports bag he generally lugs around with one of these luxe backpacks, made of quality leather. Features two inside pockets and laser cut details. Interior padded compartment for 13” laptop and tablet pocket.

Portable Speaker – He will be ridiculously happy with one of these, he can hook any of his devices up to it and you will have to suffer through the loudness, but at least he’s happy… right!?

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