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13 Smokin’ Hot Guys To Follow On Instagram

Get ready for serious clit tingles...

Instagram provides us with a wealth of knowledge. You can follow celebrities for all the latest goss, fashion bloggers to help hone your dream wardrobe, and dermatologists for those spine-tingling pimple popping vids (we know you love it).

But if you’re yet to use your scrolling skills for a cheeky perve on some of the hottest Instagram guys from all over the world, you’re doing it wrong.

Grab a towel and get ready to follow at least 80 percent of the studs on this list.

#1 @andrehamann

Pros: Owns a dog, surfs, plays guitar, tats.

Cons: Wears a pinky ring and probably has better hair than you.

#2 @jordanandzac

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Great way to start the week on set

A post shared by Jordan and Zac Stenmark (@jordanandzac) on

Pros: There’s two of them, HEAPS of topless shots, there’s two of them.

Cons: We’re not sure there is one unless you hate Australian accents, in which case, HOW THE BLOODY HELL ARE YA MATE?

#3 @broderickhunter

Pros: Dem lips, dat jaw.

Cons: Takes himself a bit too seriously. So don’t watch the videos, just froth over the pics.

#4 @nick__bateman

Pros: Has a wee pup that features consistently, abs and the most perfect shadow of facial hair you’ve ever seen.

Cons: So much blue steel, throw us a proper smile woulda love?

#5 @zanderhodgson

Pros: Poses in his Calvins A LOT (hello), blonde mop and brow game on point.

Cons: Loves a shirtless mirror selfie. Or pro, depending on your standards.

#6 @nicotortorella

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im clean. i promise. @oliviersimille 📸

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Pros: Helloooo hairy chest! Plus tats, hipster vibe, puppy, sense of humour and gets full-on nakey quite often.

Cons: Doesn’t always post pics of himself (he also cares about politics, mindfulness and environmental stuff – jerk). The picture of his butt makes it all worth it though.

#7 @titusfauntleroy

Pros: His name is Titus and his eyes will peer into your soul and sex dreams.

Cons: His captions can be a little cringey, but what more can you expect from a male model?

#8 @patrickfrost2

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Pros: Patrick’s a personal trainer so you’ll often get bonus workout tips while staring at his bod and bulge.

Cons: He’s a personal trainer.

#9 @bigjldn

Pros: His face and body are perfection.

Cons: He knows it.

#10 @markmugen

Pros: A MMA fighter with a cheeky-cute smile. If watching a guy beat up another guy turns you on, we have a winner.

Cons: Also posts photos of high-carb, fatty foods you’ll want to eat asap.

#11 @marlontx

Pros: Shaggy surfer sexgod.

Cons: Pretty sure he has a model girlfriend. Typical.

#12 @mrryancooper

Pros: Hot dad alert! This magnificent creature posts so many swoon-worthy pics with his bub.

Cons: Will make you consider having your own.

#13 @marcgoldfinger

Pros: The most glorious redhead you ever did see.

Cons: He’s always wearing clothes. Got to protect that pasty white skin ya know?

Any smokin’ hot Insta guys we missed?? Let us know in the comments below!

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