The Best Internet Reactions To The 2018 Bachelor Finale

Bloody Badge 😒

Oh dear…

It appears that Mister Badger signed up for The Bachelor without having ever, er, well, watched an episode of The Bachelor before. Because I think, I THINK, he thought The Bachelor was about being, well, a bachelor.

Anway in a move we all suspected would never have anticipated, the Badgelor is walking away from The Bachelor AS a bachelor as that’s exactly what he THOUGHT he was signing up for thank you very much. Turns out he was very annoyed at Osh who simply told him he’d get 24 hotties to play with over an 8-week period and raise his profile. Bloody Osh, he really just wanted the Badge for footgolf, that’s all we can put it down to.

Anyway, I’m not going to ramble on about the biggest waste of time finale, I’ll let these 29 hilarious tweets do the talking…


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