Jane Lu Admits She Got Facebook Completely Wrong


Okay, so what have I actually learned from 8 years building a business primarily from social media?

1) Don’t go around declaring statements on the internet. 🤦‍♀️😳 In 2015 I said to the SMH that ‘Facebook is Out’ and ‘Facebook is dead’. And in 2018, Facebook is CLEARLY very much alive and kicking for us!

2) When the algorithm to a social platform changes, it’s actually a blessing in disguise as it allows new opportunities for growth hacking. You’ve just gotta play their game. 😉😝

We all know that organic reach is only continuing to decline for Facebook and is pretty much at an all-time low (I still remember the days when we had 33-50% engagement!), but as I’ve come to realise, it’s not time to throw in the towel on Facebook yet…


  1. Create good video content. That seems to be the only thing these days that get any organic traction. I’ve heard it being thrown around that video gets 3x the engagement and 12x the shares than text or image posts receive! 

2. Optimise content that will generate shares and likes.

Like this video we made that generated 3k+ comments, 3k+ shares, and 6.6M+ views!

It was content that was relatable and sharable so it worked ☺️

  1.  Boost the post to gain momentum.
  2.  Ensure you engage with your audience and respond to the comments.

So I know none of this is rocket science, but it looks like it’s working, so worth giving a red-hot go! 

13-Feb-2018 edit: So I thought I’d add in some comments in light of the VERY recent (as in yesterday) changes (YET AGAIN) to Facebook’s algorithm (see Jon Loomer‘s article here)”

  • The latest algo fuck around is on how they report organic reach to be more in line with how they report paid reach (which is good actually)
  • Facie had been blurring the definition of views and reach stats for a long time (almost all organically)
  • So – it’s nothing to worry about. The numbers may come down a bit for organic, but if you’re creating good content, that content will still have the exact same real world impact it did before when the numbers were fudged previously.


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