The YES Vote Was Historic But Also Really Disappointing

About 38.4% disappointing...

Australia voted YES in the same sex plebiscite and what a time to be alive it was on November 15th, am I right? Workplaces were glued to their televisions at 10am and cities across the country were painted rainbow when old mate from the ABS announced that 61.6% of Australians want same-sex couples to be able to legally marry.

It was a historic day. But you know what? It was also really disappointing. About 38.4% disappointing. The fact that the country even had a say in this issue in the first place is a bloody joke, and the fact that millions of Aussies voted NO is absolutely heartbreaking.

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If you haven’t already figured it out, I voted YES. I voted YES because I believe with every fibre of my being that all human beings should be able to marry whoever they love. I’m voting yes because I want to live in a world where people are people. Period.

The NO campaign, led by the 38.4% of Australians on the wrong side of history highlighted two main reasons to vote NO.

  1. Religion

Here’s what I have to say to anyone hiding behind religion. Let’s remember that God told errrybody ‘thou shall not kill’ and then was like lol jks I’m legit going to straight up murder all the firstborns in Egypt.

ALSO, God was like “I’m everywhere, I see errrrythang, no one can hide from me” but remember the story about Cain and Able? Dude couldn’t find Cain anywhere and was all like, “Yo Able, where your brother Cain at?” NOT SO ALL SEEING ARE WE MATE?

And I reckon that bloke who helped Jesus carry the cross was totally gay. His name was Simon of Cyrene you guys. With a name that fabulous, how could he not be? And he HELPED Jesus when every other Tom, Dick and Judas were throwing stones. Soo – LAWYERED.

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Oh and finally, the bible was written a zillion years ago by four blokes with the whitest names ever so it’s pretty safe to say that its relevance is well past its use by date.

  1. Ignorance

My cousin is gay and in a happy, healthy relationship with her girlfriend. During the postal vote, some unenlightened, absolute galah on Facebook asked her if she’s worried that her children would turn out gay because they’d have gay parents when statistically they’ll probably be born straight. Yep.

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Some other noobs (like the ones in that god awful ‘if we vote yes our kids might have to roleplay same-sex relationships SHOCK HORROR’ commercials) reckon that same-sex marriage is ‘unnatural’. WELL. You know what else people used to think was unnatural? A black man marrying a white woman. And do you know what those people were? Racist. And do you know what all the ‘NO’ voters are? Homophobes.

How in this day and age are we even allowing this kind of discourse? Why did we give a voice to people who used it to yell NO to love and equality and human bloody decency? Thank F*CK we yelled louder.

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Anyway. I really hope this law gets passed asap (get a move on Malcolm) and I hope that over time that 61.6% starts with a one and ends in two zeros. Because y’all can have your opinions but those opinions should not stop someone’s love from being recognised or normalised. Here’s hoping one day the love of the entire LGBTQI community will be both. Because, as the ever-wise KWEEN that is J.K Rowling once said, “What is the point in being alive if you don’t try and make things better, really?”

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Rant over.

Words by Anna Bradley

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