8 Beach Essentials

Everything you need for the perfect day in the sun!

I absolutely adore living close to the beach.

Spending a whole day there in summer is more cathartic than a Valium. I honestly don’t think anyone needs to take a vacation during summer if the beach is at your doorstep.

Spending a day with sand between my toes is a holiday in itself. With summer mere weeks away now (yay), we’ve launched our first swimwear range of the season ‘The Sunkissed Sands Collection‘. And it’s HAWT.

Here I am, chilling at Freshie in the sun…

161012_SHOWPO_100EOS5D_0187 1.jpg

Haha jks, that’s Natalie Roser, the epitome of a beach babe. This is more what I look like on the beach…


But that’s not what is important today. What is important is that I (because I’m such a pal to you guys) have prepared a list of the 8 essentials you need to take to the beach in order to have a fockin’ mint day *please read in Welsh accent.

1. Sunscreen… duh.

If you didn’t guess this one you’re a noob and don’t deserve to go to the beach. Opt for one with UVA and UVB protection (UVA rays cause premature ageing and UVB rays can cause cancer) like the Neutrogena® Beach Defence Sunscreen Mist SPF50. It’s in a spray can which is super handy, just make sure you reapply every few hours!


2. Towel me about it… see what I did there? HA!

Big round towels are all the rage and all your friends will be super jealous of your adorable Watermelon Towel this summer. Just tell them to keep their sandy hooves off it!

3. Thongs (or flip-flops for my dear Americans).

Don’t even bother looking elsewhere. Havaianas are where it’s at. They come in an array of colours PLUS you can even get them from vending machines now.


4. Swimmers (unless you’re going to a nude beach #nojudgement).

Check out the NEW range; luxe fabrics, risque styles, and on-trend muted hues are the base of this collection, with pops of white and splashes of stripes mixed in for good measure.

5. Snacks & water.

You can’t let your belly get grumbling! Take a big 2L bottle of water so you don’t get dehydrated and some fresh fruit to snack on. There’s nothing quite like eating a mango in the ocean and letting the juices dribble down your body with zero effs given.

6. A hat & sunnies.

We don’t want you to get sunstroke now, do we? I love big floppy hats like this one as they cover so much area. When it comes to sunnies, just choose your favourite!


7. Something to read (apart from this blog obvs).

If you’re new to reading, just go pick up ANY of Liane Moriarty’s books. She’s an incredible writer and every single one of her books is absolute perfection.

8. Headphones.

Reading is only good for tummy time as even the fittest of gals will get sore arms from holding a book above their head for hours on end. So make sure you bring headphones and get some beats going.

If music won’t cut it I can’t recommend this Podcast enough. It’s eloquent, interesting and gives me many feels. Also, Mia Freedman is just a bloody boss and I could listen to her for hours.


Now go and have an awesome time! And I swear if I see you acting like a girl and squealing about not wanting to get your hair wet… I will tit punch you.


Words by Kelly McCarren. 

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