Wanna Join Showpo’s Girl Gang?

GALS! Come play with us! We’re looking for not one but THREE brand-spanking new members to join our girl gang (which is possibly the greatest girl gang in the WORLD #biased).

To celebrate, I thought I’d chat with… well, myself to get my gal pals PUMPED and answer any niggling questions you may have.

Kelly: What do you mean!? Join the Showpo Girl Gang!? I AM SO CONFUSED. 🥒

Kelly: Don’t be confused you silly little gherkin, it’s pretty effing simple really. We’re looking for 3 lovely ladies who embody errything we stand for with F-words; fun, fashionable and fabulous. I would also like to add fucking fearless, fantastic, fascinating, fetching, fierce, friendly, funky and funny – but I wasn’t allowed to as I was ‘being ridiculous’ 🙄

Kelly: Well how the devil do I enter then? 😈

Kelly: You need to compete in a ninja warrior style obstacle course. Good luck. JKS, all deets are here.

Kelly: What’s in it for me? HMMMMMM? 🤔

Kelly: Oh, hunnnAYYYYY are you in for a treat. FIRSTLY, our ten favourite entries will be flown to Sydney for a day of fun at Showpo HQ.  The three bitches who we like the best embody the fun, fashionable and confident Showpo Girl will win a Showpo Ambassador contract for one year. SECONDLY, those three gals will join #ShowpoOnTour somewhere, we don’t know where yet at a surprise international destination for the ULTIMATE girls trip!

Kelly: WTF is a ‘Showpo Ambassador’? 🤷

Kelly: LEL, who knows we haven’t had one before. BUT, I do know that they will be featured in up to four photoshoots for our website and social channels, get a $1000 wardrobe, and get their own Q&A on this very platform. Which will hopefully be better than this…

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5 thoughts on “Wanna Join Showpo’s Girl Gang?”

  1. Oh my lord ladies this sounds amazing!! What an opportunity I would love to be apart of! I embody a confident women because I love my big bum, beautiful big smile, small waist and naturally dead straight brown hair. I also love my excema in which I never use to, I learnt to love my excema thanks to my amazing mum who told me my excema doesn’t define my bright bubbly personality because I’m just as beautiful as any girl. I think everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way and embracing you’re flaws isn’t a bad thing, it makes you feel amazing about yourself.

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