Wanna Join Showpo’s Girl Gang?

GALS! Come play with us! We’re looking for not one but THREE brand-spanking new members to join our girl gang (which is possibly the greatest girl gang in the WORLD #biased).

To celebrate, I thought I’d chat with… well, myself to get my gal pals PUMPED and answer any niggling questions you may have.

Kelly: What do you mean!? Join the Showpo Girl Gang!? I AM SO CONFUSED. 🥒

Kelly: Don’t be confused you silly little gherkin, it’s pretty effing simple really. We’re looking for 3 lovely ladies who embody errything we stand for with F-words; fun, fashionable and fabulous. I would also like to add fucking fearless, fantastic, fascinating, fetching, fierce, friendly, funky and funny – but I wasn’t allowed to as I was ‘being ridiculous’ 🙄

Kelly: Well how the devil do I enter then? 😈

Kelly: You need to compete in a ninja warrior style obstacle course. Good luck. JKS, all deets are here.

Kelly: What’s in it for me? HMMMMMM? 🤔

Kelly: Oh, hunnnAYYYYY are you in for a treat. FIRSTLY, our ten favourite entries will be flown to Sydney for a day of fun at Showpo HQ.  The three bitches who we like the best embody the fun, fashionable and confident Showpo Girl will win a Showpo Ambassador contract for one year. SECONDLY, those three gals will join #ShowpoOnTour somewhere, we don’t know where yet at a surprise international destination for the ULTIMATE girls trip!

Kelly: WTF is a ‘Showpo Ambassador’? 🤷

Kelly: LEL, who knows we haven’t had one before. BUT, I do know that they will be featured in up to four photoshoots for our website and social channels, get a $1000 wardrobe, and get their own Q&A on this very platform. Which will hopefully be better than this…

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28 thoughts on “Wanna Join Showpo’s Girl Gang?”

  1. Oh my lord ladies this sounds amazing!! What an opportunity I would love to be apart of! I embody a confident women because I love my big bum, beautiful big smile, small waist and naturally dead straight brown hair. I also love my excema in which I never use to, I learnt to love my excema thanks to my amazing mum who told me my excema doesn’t define my bright bubbly personality because I’m just as beautiful as any girl. I think everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way and embracing you’re flaws isn’t a bad thing, it makes you feel amazing about yourself.

  2. This is so fucking awesome that you are giving people the opportunity for something like this! You guys have an amazing brand that I can tell you have put so much work into. Definitely something I would personally love to be apart of 😉

  3. Would love to become apart of the showpo girl gang as their self confidence is amazing! Looks like a wonderful career to be in, you girls a so down to earth and honest.

  4. I love the brand, I have done abit of modelling before but i wasn’t the most comfortable with myself back then so I was mainly in the acting industry going to America and a couple of shoots and shows, i really enjoyed my time in the industry but embarked on new adventures an exciting experience and opportunity I’d love the chance to join ✨😽

  5. How do we apply ❤️
    Everything about this is sooo amazing embracing all different shapes and sizes 😘

  6. Wowweeee this would be a killa opportunity! You guys are so groovy and it would be incredible to be apart of such a fun loving team! Being a female is rad and I would love to be apart of a journey that helps women/ young girls, to love who they are and embrace every part of themselves! I’m keen as a bean! Xxx

  7. What an amazing experience this would be! Have applied for this & fingers are crossed 🤞🏾 Good luck to everyone who has applied ☺️

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