Succeed That Job Interview

Land your dream job!

Look, if you had, one shot, or one opportunity.
To seize that job you’ve always wanted.
Would you capture it, or just let it slip?

Your palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy
There’s vomit on your outfit already, mom’s spaghetti
You’re nervous….

Ok, I could just keep rewriting ‘Lose Yourself’ but it’s really only entertaining me and is about as helpful as mouldy bread when you’re hungry. BASICALLY, I’m here to help you gals (and maybe guys?) out with some interview tips and tricks to nail that job you’ve always wanted.

We ALL hate interviewing, which is why many of us stay in jobs far longer than we should. If I find one person who is all “interviewing is the greatest thing ever” I will eat that mouldy bread.

Alas, they are a part of life and by following some tricks and tips below (written with the help of a lass who has employed over 2000 people), you might just feel that wee bit more comfortable and you might just nab your dream job.

First things first, let’s get your resume in order…


  • Keep your resume short and succinct. You don’t need to babble on about your duties in a role you held 5 years ago. If a potential employer is interested, they’ll ask.
  • Tailor your CV to the audience. Don’t just send the same one out for 20 applications. Only apply for jobs and companies you’re ACTUALLY interested in and make sure your resume reflects that. Applying for anything else is just a waste of everyone’s time.
  • Put all the important info (the key points that address the criteria) in the first few paragraphs on the first page.
  • CHECK your grammar and spelling. Nothing makes someone dismiss your resume quicker than a mistaken ‘there’, ‘their’ or ‘they’re’.
  • Fit the design and layout of the resume to the role. If you’re applying for a creative role, your resume should not look like it belongs to an accountant.


  • Put your high-school and/or year 12 results on your CV. If you went to uni you OBVIOUSLY finished school and by the time you’ve had a few jobs, not one employer is going to give a flying bat about what school you went to. It’s a waste of prime real estate on your resume.
  • Prattle on for more than 3 pages.
  • Don’t lie or embellish your skills and experience. Although tempting; with reference checks, LinkedIn and other forms of social media – you will caught out.
  • Put too much time into your cover letter – no one reads them. The first paragraph on your resume is FAR more important.
  • Don’t use too much jargon or industry terminology as the company might use different software and you’re simply boxing yourself.


Now you’re on to the interview stage…


  • Support every question with a real-life example of something you’ve done, a problem you faced and how you tackled it etc. Research common questions prior and conceptualise answers. Don’t sound too rehearsed though, you need to come across as genuine.
  • Dress for the culture of the company. We recently did a video about what to wear to an interview and there were several comments saying it was never ok to wear jeans to an interview. I myself have gotten 2 jobs wearing jeans because I researched what other people regularly wore to work within the company.
  • Be authentic and honest. Be yourself.
  • Have good questions and not something cliched and rehearsed like ‘is there anything else I can tell you today’. That isn’t a question. That’s a LinkedIn ‘how to’ statement. You’re going to spend a certain period of time at this place in this role, you need to make sure they’re also right for you.
  • Have a firm (moist-free) handshake.


  • Say something wanky like ‘work too hard’ when asked what your weakness is. Firstly, the interviewer will see right through your wankiness and if you look close enough you’ll see the slight eye-roll. Secondly, they will just think you have a complete lack of self-awareness if you can’t think of a weakness. Tell them what your weakness is followed by how you manage it. As an example, I get distracted very easily but have found that headphones playing music tend to help keep me in the zone as I can’t hear what’s going on around me.
  • Be too early. Walk around the block, you’re just annoying if you turn up 20 mins early (not eager and punctual) and that’s not a great start.
  • Wear too much perfume or makeup, it’s can be really off-putting and distracting.
  • Arrive at the interview not knowing anything about the company. DO. YOUR. BLOODY. RESEARCH. When I got an interview here at Showpo, I did so much research on Jane and Showpo, I could have written an entire thesis. Watch YouTube clips on the CEO, find common interests, follow the company on all their social media handles. When Jane hired me, I knew so much about her she had to either give me an employment contract or a restraining order. But you know what, it worked.


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Words by Kelly McCarren.

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