Showpo Pet Peeves: What Grinds Our Gears

Humans can be super annoying...

How annoying are people? Very. Very annoying.

I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m not a negatron loner or anything. I just think (along with the entire Showpo team apparently), that life would be that much more swell without obnoxious and unwarranted behaviour from annoying humans.

Therefore, I’ve gotten the entire Showpo team to help me compile a list of pet peeves that drive us absolutely bloody bonkers.

“When people stand on the right side of the station escalator and you can’t get past to catch the train and end up missing it by 2 seconds.”     – Alice


“People that clip their nails in public.” – Ben


“Australian rap.” – Elsa


“Umbrella etiquette. Or lack thereof in Sydney.” – Kelly O


“Not covering your face when you sneeze or cough; and people that don’t say ‘bless you’ after you sneeze.” – Eleni


“Anyone who incessantly replies all on emails when the answer has nothing to do with anyone else in the email thread.” – Jade


“When people say yeah or laugh and it’s 100% obvious they have no idea what you said.” – Bambi


“That one colleague with no regard for personal space. In their mind, it’s perfectly acceptable to stand 3 inches from your face while talking to you. AND they always need a tic-tac.” – April


“People who eat food off your plate without asking first. OR when they order a salad and say that they’ll ‘just have a few of your chips’… NO!” – Kelly M


“Gluten-free fanatics who have absolutely no medical justification to avoid gluten.” – Lisa


“Passive aggressive behaviour; ‘oh you have so much time on your hands’ *said with a condescending giggle.” – Amber


“Anyone who claps at the end of an aeroplane or movie.” – Alex


People who say ‘no offence’ or ‘I’m not racist’ before offending you or saying something racist.” – Christina


“When you’re doing rounds with your friends and it gets around to that one person that always seems to go MIA for their turn.” – Liv


“People who stand right at the counter at the McDonalds food pick up even though their number hasn’t even been called yet.”              – Jordan


“People with an inflated sense of their own importance. Sending texts in a movie, pushing in front of a line, talking at registers etc.” – Tom


“Public displays of affection. Just no.” – Sanjana


“Everything to do with groceries. Like when your shopping trolley has that one rogue wheel, or when the blasted self-serve checkouts hit you with ‘unexpected item in the bagging area’ on every fourth item you scan.” – Jane


“Impatient people that repeatedly press the button at a street crossing or in an elevator, IT DOESN’T MAKE IT HAPPEN QUICKER.”– Kelly H


“Slow walkers are the WORST, as are people who stop in the middle of a busy path for absolutely no apparent reason.” – Mark


“When people say ‘yous’. Or any incorrect, bogan English really.” – Kelly L


“When someone touches their feet and then something else… like food. *shudder.” – Christa


“Comic Sans.” – Lauren


“Loud chewing, any mouth noises in general.” – Unanimous
Words by Kelly McCarren. 

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