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Schoolies Survival Guide

6 Tips To Survive And Thrive During The School Holiday!

Ahhh Schoolies.

There is no time quite like it. You’ve finished high school, said a final edit-12788-1417188786-20.jpgto exams and asshole teachers, and you’re about to embark on a truly spectacular summer.

A summer that begins with your first ‘adult’ trip away solo with your mates, before the party just keeps continuing until you journey on to your next stage of your life, whatever that may be.

I remember my Schoolies trip; my best friend and I packed the car (full of cases of Cruisers, Ruskies and UDLs), before driving off giddy with excitement. My friend’s mum waved us off gleefully while mine cried as if her firstborn was going to enjoy a meth-riddled mass orgy. I kissed a boy one night and on occasion had too many Ruskies. That was the extent of my ‘craziness’ mum.

I kissed a boy one night and on occasion had too many Ruskies. That was the extent of my ‘craziness’ mum.


Anyway, it was a phenomenal time. We got home at

We got home at 7am one morning, visited Sea World and paid exorbitant amounts for tourist pics, made new pals, got silly with old pals, and drank an insane amount of daiquiris (back when they cost $5 on the GC, 10 years later they’re probably $20 a pop). These days many more places are popular for Schoolies, I often

These days many more places are popular for Schoolies, I often hear about parents bribing kids with alternative trips too (take it, Europe is $$$$ and you can get drunk with your friends anytime). Whatever you do or wherever you go, make sure you have fun, be safe (look at me being all sensible) and follow my tips and tricks to have an awesome time.

  • Pack sunscreen. Sunburn will kill your vibe and potentially ruin your trip. You also will look FAR from cute when you’re a nice shade of beetroot.
You on fire baby G, and not in a good way. 
  • Know your limits. OBVIOUSLY, you’re going to be drinking. A lot. But make sure you eat regularly (eating is not cheating ladies, eating is what smart gals do so they don’t end up wallowing in regret and a hangover in the morning)and stay hydrated.Getting drunk with your friends is fun, great even! You dance, become hilarious to each other and kiss your friends (oops).  Getting blackout… #notsomuch I PROMISE in a few years embarrassing yourself and losing all self-respect won’t seem so funny.
You won’t look like this. 
You’ll look like this.
  • Use condoms. They might not be sexy but neither is an STI. GF, you’ve got no idea where that D has been, wrap it up.
Avoid the ‘brow’ or ‘wink’ guy. 
  • Take more $$$ than you think you’ll need. Things generally cost more than you think they will so it’s always better to have more cash to play with. You also wouldn’t want to miss out on a spontaneous group decision to spend the day enjoying canoeing, would you!?
  • NEVER LEAVE YOUR DRINK UNATTENDED! Or accept a drink from a stranger. Drink spiking is a very real issue. If you meet a nice chap who wants to buy you a drink, go with him to the bar. And it’s your shout next miss, be that strong, independent woman I know you are!
Be like Bey.
  • Have the best time of your life! Before long you’ll actually have to enter the world of adulting and start working or studying again. You might be the queen of school but get ready to be at the bottom of the adult food chain for quite some time.
Snape knows. 

Oh and don’t forget to pack these must-haves…


The rest you can figure out surely… HAVE FUN!

Words by Kelly McCarren. 

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