Exxy AF Products Worth The $$$

Some things are worth dropping the dollars for...

Some things in life are worth paying a bit more for, so I have the list of things that are worth splashing the extra cash on.




If you’re an average person, you spend 7-9 hours per night snoozing and we all know how imperative that snooze time is for our overall health and wellbeing.

So why the actual F would you buy cheap, shitty sheets that are scratchy and thin?

Pair them with a polyester duvet and budget pillows for a recipe on disastrous sleep. If you buy the right bedding, I promise you, your sleep will be so much better as you’ll feel like you’re nuzzled in a cosy cloud.


A signature perfume is important for any lass as it’s something people will remember you by.

And you don’t want to be the lass people remember as ‘the tacky chick who smells like a baby prostitute’ now do you?

You get what you pay for when it comes to fragrance as the cheaper it is, the shittier the essential oils, quality of parfum purity and alcohol levels are. My favourite brands to shop for quality perfumes are Tom FordAERINJo MaloneByredoand Le Labo.


Leather Jacket

A good quality leather jacket should last you a lifetime (as long as you don’t buy something on-trend, studs and attached hoodies will NOT last a lifetime), so make sure you do your research and try a bunch before choosing one.

If you wear both metals like me, it’s worth opting for one with black hardware so you don’t have to restrict certain accessories when you’re wearing it.



Brie-Wheel-800.jpgGo buy a $3 cheese and a $15 cheese and tell me which one is yummier.

I assure you, 99 times out of 100 (because there may be the occasional label error), the $15 cheese will be drastically creamier and burst with flavour in your mouth.

The $3 one will only suffice when you’re highly intoxicated and need food asap.


Bakery bread is more expensive that grocery store offerings and an extra effort to get, but so worth it.

There’s nothing quite like a delicious piece of warm soft bread (that’s also lovely and crusty on the outside) with a slathering of butter.

Good bread is one of the essential pleasures in life so spend the extra few dollars and get yourself a loaf.


Vacuum Cleaner

If you no longer live at home, you need to invest in a proper vacuum cleaner.

Your mum probably had one and that’s why you can never get your room as clean as she could. The Dyson, in particular, will rock your world, it’s so fun/gross to see how much filth a good vacuum can suck up.

They’re not cheap but they last a hella long time and living in a clean house makes coming home a LOT nicer.


Given most girls first foray into sipping champagne is skulling Passion Pop straight from the bottle, it’s little wonder we think all champagne must be that bad and roll our eyes at the ‘fancy stuff’.

But Passion Pop isn’t champagne.

In fact, most cheap duds you get from your local liquor store aren’t real champagne, real champagne is light and tickles your taste buds in all the right ways.

But real champagne ain’t cheap. It’s for this reason that I always just save drinking champagne for special occasions and splurge on the good shit. The rest of the time, sip on champagnes Italian sister prosecco for a delicious and wallet-friendly alternative.



Getting a bra that fits properly can actually change your life.

Sounds dramatic I know, but wearing the wrong bra can cause back issues and make your clothes look like absolute shite. So head on into a PROPER lingerie store, get fitted and try a few on.

Don’t look at the tag, just buy the one that fits the best and is the most comfortable. Your back and wardrobe will thank you for it.

Also, it’s not like you need one for each day, I’m lucky to wash mine every few weekends… Anyone else do this?



What would you add to this list? What is something you find essential that’s also exxy AF?


Words by Kelly McCarren. 

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