Career Spotlight: Jasmine Garnsworthy

She's not just a pretty face...

There’s nothing like speaking to someone with a really interesting, really successful career to get you feeling shit about your life choices inspired.

Jasmine Garnsworthy is a Brisbane export now based in NYC, and if you’re an avid fashionista, chances are you’ve probably read something of hers. Jasmine was back for a friends wedding recently and while in Sydney, dropped by for a chat and to see our latest collection.

You can see her looking gorgeous in a few styles below and keep reading to find out more about her enviable career.


Showpo: Walk me through your career, where did you start and how long have you been in the industry? 

“I started interning in both PR and TV journalism during my first year of university in Brisbane. By my final year, I was working full time in PR and hating it! I quickly made the move into copy-writing (and down to Sydney) to work for what was then Australia’s buzziest fashion online boutique, MyCatwalk. That was the trigger for a chain of events that eventually landed me a gig as the style editor at Mamamia, and then POPSUGAR. In 2014 I moved to New York for an editor role that opened up at Stylecaster, and eventually worked my way to become a full-time freelancer. Now you’ll still spot my byline in POPSUGAR, Mamamia, and Stylecaster as I continue to work with the sites, but also publications like Refinery29,, Byrdie, Racked, and Sporteluxe.”


S: What do you think is the key reason for your success?

“Being particularly tenacious and prepared to hustle when I first started out certainly gave me a leg up. Interning helps, everyone should do it willingly and graciously when they begin in this industry.”
S: Is living in NYC as good as it looks? Where are your 3 favourite places there?

“Yes, it really is magic! My everyday dinner place is Jack’s Wife Freda on Carmine Street (order the Greek salad with extra avocado, grilled chicken, and hot sauce, and thank me later). For hot yoga I go to Y7 – it’s a hip-hop yoga studio with a really great vibe. When I’m catching up with a friend for a casual drink and a chat after work, Bar Sardine in West Village is my go-to.”

S: What’s the strangest thing that’s happened to you since moving there?

“Oh wow, this could be a blog post all on its own! The craziest (amazing) thing was sitting front row opposite Rihanna at a Zac Posen show during NYFW while Naomi Campbell walked the runway (that shit just doesn’t happen in Australia). On a day-to-day basis you run into crazy situations and folks all the time, it’s just part of living in this city!”

S: Teach me something I don’t know in the next 40 seconds.

“‘Apinum’ is the afternoon greeting in Pidgin English. I grew up in Papua New Guinea, and can assure you this fresh information will likely never ever come in handy. Oh – and if you use apple cider vinegar as a toner (dilute it first!), it can help stop your skin breaking out. That’s a little more useful.”

S: Tell me about an average day in your working life?

“Lately, I’ve been travelling quite a bit between London, Greece, Australia, and New York, but when I’m home in NYC it looks something like this. Some mornings I wake up at around 5am for an online lecture (I’m doing my MBA through an Australian university). Other days, I wake up at 7am and meet a publicist to try out a new workout/fitness studio. Grab breakfast or a smoothie with the PR, or head to a 9am showing. By 10 I’m usually home and writing, where I stay until about 1pm, at which point I go and grab lunch -usually a salad from Jack’s Wife Freda or a smoothie from Juice Press. The afternoon might involve a couple of showings, interviews, or meetings, in which case I’ll return home at around 5 and work through until 1am, writing, pitching, researching, invoicing, and working on my side-projects. If I have an event or dinner out, I usually try to keep the afternoons free for work.”


S: What was the best day of your life and describe what happened and why it was so good.

“The day I found out I had landed a job in NYC and would be moving over is definitely up there, but I’ve had plenty of other special days with my friends and family. My best friend got married this month, and that was a pretty brilliant day.”

S: Who is your favourite fashion blogger?

“Carolina Issa isn’t technically a blogger, but she’s definitely the most stylish person on Instagram.”

S: Fashion journalist?

“Chloe Hill at Oyster has such great style.”

S: What’s your favourite book?

“I love to read, and every book becomes my new (temporary) favourite. Right now I’m enjoying ‘My Life on the Road’ by Gloria Steinem.”

S: What’s the most interesting thing about you?

“I’ve lived in a lot of cool places and have travelled a bunch, so I guess that gives me a bit of conversation fuel.”

S: The best piece of advice you’ve ever heard?

“When I was interning back in 2008, one of the PR Consultants I worked for told me I was a good writer and should pursue blogging, journalism, or feature writing. Thank god she did!”

S: What 5 items does every gal need in her wardrobe?

“A pretty midi dress, a leather jacket, ankle boots, white sneakers, and something a little fancy that you’ll always feels good in.”

S: What’s the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?

“My boyfriend and I took a cab from my sister’s house in London to the airport last month, with the plan to fly to Santorini for a holiday. We arrived at the airport two hours before our flight, as suggested by every international airline ever, before realising we’d taken an Uber to the WRONG airport. We had to speed an hour across London, but eventually JUST made the flight – while also racking up a £170 fare. It’s funny now, though I was not laughing at the time.”


S: Favourite song?

“Don’t judge me – Paul Kelly, ‘To Her Door’.”

S: Describe your perfect day.

“It would start with a morning workout with a girlfriend before working for a couple of hours at home on a really interesting story. Lunch would be a very long and wine-filled affair with  a big group of friends and my sister, brother, and boyfriend. Finally, I’d have a big dinner at my parents house with the whole family.”


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Words by Kelly McCarren. 

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