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J Lo & Shakira Just Shut Down The Super Bowl

Look, it should come as no shock that went it comes to the Super Bowl, we’re not ride or die fans.  For starters, outside of America, it really is just another day when our friends across the pond eat glorious looking food while watching some sports. Which, TBH, kind of sounds like Thanksgiving. But the half-time show, that is something that crosses borders with all its cultural relevance intact. J Lo and Shakira together on one stage, that’s something we care about. If you asked us, we’d make the sports the halftime show and J Lo and Shakira the main event. Judging by the epic 12-minute performance they just staged, we bet they think the same.

Everything That Happened During The Half Time Show

In a show that makes that Janet Jackson incident of 2004 look positively PG, Shakira and J Lo took the stage with a medley of both their greatest hits.

Shakira’s Set

Shakira opened the performance dressed in a frilly red number and surrounded by dancers so talented they are definitely Navarro Cheer alumni.

Shakira performed with a crew of red-clad dancers during halftime.

Obvi her god-given talents of belly dancing and electric guitar playing were on full display during She Wolf and Wherever, Whenever. Iconic bop, Hips Don’t Lie, apparently segued into the perfect crowd surfing opportunity because this happened.

Shakira doing Shakira things. Picture: Al Bello/Getty Images
Credit: Getty Images

J Lo’s Set

When it was J Lo’s turn to take the stage, she made it clear as day the Oscars snubbed her movie Hustlers, arriving on a giant light-up pole.

Credit: Getty Images

Jenny From The Block was her opening tune and after a quick costume change, we were treated to Ain’t It Funny, Get Right, Waiting For Tonight, Get On The Floor and Mi Gente. 

If you’re wondering (like we were) why Let’s Get Loud didn’t make the setlist cut, don’t fret. J Lo closed out her solo set with the banger. Wrapped in a Puerto Rican flag, the superstar was joined on stage by her 11-year-old daughter, Emme in the ultimate display of ‘I’m a cool mum’ energy.

Credit: Getty Images

The show ended with the two Latina powerhouses singing a mash-up of Let’s Get Loud and Waka Waka (This Time For Africa). The moment it ended, people all over the world were frantically recommitting to their New Year’s resolution to spend more time at the gym. When we’re all 43 and 50, respectively, you best believe we want to look like that.

Credit: Getty Images

Before a final glittery mic drop, J Lo and Shakira both thanked the crowd in Spanish and English. Meanwhile, we tried to pick our jaws up off the floor.

Staged by Jay-Z’s production company, ROC Nation, this year’s halftime show was a testament to J Lo and Shakira’s iconoclast status. Historically, the opportunity to perform at the Super Bowl is so rarely awarded to women, never mind women over a certain age, neither of these firecrackers was going to waste their moment.

Watch the full performance

The Best Reactions To The Super Bowl Halftime Show

Naturally, the internet lost its shit over the show (some famous names included).


The Best Memes From The Super Bowl Halftime Show

Words by Emma Roffey

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