So You’re Moving Back In With Your Parents…

What to do when your new roomies are your mum and dad

Whether it’s because you’re broke AF and need to save up to get your own place, are currently trying to untangle yourself from a messy breakup or you’ve come back from a stint overseas, moving back home and shacking up with your parents comes with its own unique set of challenges.

What do you do about overnight guests? Should you pitch in for bills? Is it weird to let your mum do your laundry for you? Here’s your survival guide on how to reside at Casa de Parentals without having them put you up for adoption.

Have an honest chat before you move in

Before you schlep back to your folks’ place it’s a good idea to take them through your plans. It’s your chance to discuss big things, like what their expectations are while you’re living under their roof, to smaller matters, like if they expect a heads up if you won’t be home. Hashing it out at the very beginning and will make for a far more harmonious stay.

Be a good roommate

Living with your parents doesn’t give you have permission to turn be the roommate from hell. Be considerate. This means everything from cleaning up after yourself to not inviting all your rowdy mates over without checking first.

Pitch in

You’re not 14 anymore. Behave like an adult and contribute to household chores. It’s a good idea to offer to pay for bills (even if they don’t take you up on the offer), buy groceries here and there and tidy up after yourself. They already raised you once, they don’t need to feel like they’re doing it all over again.

Respect their rules

Ultimately you’re living under your parents’ roof so it’s important to respect any rules they may have in place, no matter how random or annoying they are. If they’ve vetoed eating anything remotely messy on their favourite couch or require you to buy a new carton of milk on the eve of a full moon every month, you’ve got to just smile and run with it.

Be prepared to have open discussions

When you were a moody teenager, sulking in your room if you didn’t get your way was probably your M.O. Now, you’re a bonafide adult so you’re going to need to do some adulting and actually discuss your problems. It’s a tricky dynamic; you’re an adult and can do as you please, but you’re also still under their roof. If they didn’t appreciate you bringing back a “friend” on Saturday night then be prepared to talk about it instead of pretending it didn’t happen.

Spend time with them

While your parents know that you have your own life to lead, it’s nice not to treat their home like a hotel. Make a point of spending some time with them whether it’s helping your dad cook dinner or joining them for movie night. Use this opportunity to get to know them better as an adult and make the most of the time you get to spend with together.

Life advice by Tania Gomez

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