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Fitness Tips So You Feel Less Like A Potato

Every year I promise myself that I will be more organised and get that summer bod in time… Once again (god damn you time for going so quickly), summer is practically here and I am desperately trying to squeeze myself into a bikini without looking like a potato.

I’m probably not the only one in this boat, let’s not lie to ourselves ladies. SO, I have created some top tips to help you rock our new swimwear collection  and to feel confident (and not potato-like) wearing them:

  • Get into a routine. Set that alarm an hour earlier to squeeze in a workout and you’ll thank me later.







  • Drink lots of water!



  • And reduce your alcohol intake…(*sob)


  • Get lots of sleep and you’ll feel super energised. We KNOW another episode of Black Mirror is tempting but you’ll thank us in the morning.


  • Pack your own lunch for work. Too many times I am in a rush on my lunch break and end up buying something cheap and unhealthy. Having a healthy meal ready in the fridge will save you even when Doughnut Time is calling.



  • Put your cute active wear  to use (apart from just wearing it to brunch with the girls) and look the part.



Words by Amelia Watson. 

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