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The Green Smoothie That ACTUALLY Tastes Nice

Shocking, we know! But this green liquid is actually bloody tasty!

Ahhh the ol’ green smoothie.

Models and people that brim with health (you know the type, they opt for yoga and a swim on a Saturday rather than a stonking hangover and hot chips) swear by them.

They pop them in clear jars (so we can see how #health and #blessed and #cleaneating they are) and traipse around spouting the benefits as they swill them in apparent delight.

So many times I have tried to make a green smoothie, all excited to be #health and #blessed and #cleaneating before spitting it all over my laptop at the first taste.

I then pinch my nose and skull it down (FEED ME NUTRIENTS), all the while wishing it was a double-shot espresso frappe.


Then I tried this bad boy ? 


It’s the Lucky You Cleanse Green Smoothie and it is bloody PHENOM! Made from Kale, Silverbeet, Spinach, Mango, Banana and Alkaline Water; the clever mix of fruit and veg make for one tasty nutrient hit.

Try whipping it up at home or find it at one of these (Sydney) stockists.

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