Dear Women, Stop Being Mean To Yourselves

Here's How To Feel Like The Queen You Are

Feeling down about yourself is the crummy part of life, but women fall victim to it more than they should. Something has got to give because constant negativity is a nasty habit. In fact, when you continually feed your inner critic, it starts seething out of you and is projected onto the world and no one wants to be around that, let alone help you out of it. If you’re sick of this toxic cycle then stay with us because we’re here to share how to quit feeling like this and regain your confidence.

Comparison is the thief of joy

It’s no wonder we get bummed easily. We’re constantly subjecting ourselves to comparison on social media. We’re all guilty of sizing each other up. Jealousy is an awful thing and really unproductive. If you’ve ever felt green with envy of someone else (ahem, anyone on Instagram), remember how fake that world is and make a pact to stop the unhealthy trap and consider what’s amazing about your life. Then go even further by listing what you like about yourself. Your homework is to live IRL, not through a screen.

The grass is greener where you water it 

Feeling dissatisfied with a lot in your life? Do you ever murmur “but I’m not good enough”, well It’s time to cut that bullshit out. It’s a lie. Did you hear me? It’s a lie! If you’re feeling like you don’t have a lot of mojo right now, then put some effort into cultivating your hobbies and spend time looking after yourself. Repeat after me: good vibes only!

You are what you eat, drink, breathe and think

Everything we do affects our mood. Ever notice how shitty you feel after a big night out or bingeing on sugar? What we eat plays a big part in how we look and feel. So when you can, try to make a more conscious effort to choose the healthiest option at that moment. Notice how less moody you are the following day. Make time to get outdoors for fresh air and connect with nature. If the beach is your thing, then do that. Lastly, whatever you think is what will be, hence think positively instead of defaulting to fear and worry. For example, instead of thinking “I will fuck this up” try telling yourself “I will do the best I can and have fun.” Yeah, it’s corny, but it works so who GAF.

Relax into your being

Not to be dramatic, but you only get one shot at life. It’s important to enjoy who you are, faults and all. How? Anytime you catch yourself being serious or overly negative, laugh it off! Humility is an attractive quality and a very mature approach to life. So what if you embarrassed yourself last night, laugh it off and watch everyone else too. For years I was defensive when anyone made fun of my clumsiness, now I own up it and laugh about it. What was once a thing I used to beat myself up over is now an endearing quality everyone loves about me (because I orchestrated them to feel this way). It really is that easy!

Girlboss motivation by Jennifer Aitken 

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