A Beginners Guide To Reducing Waste 

Becoming more eco-friendly can be really overwhelming. Especially since there is so much information about all the horrible consequences of climate change and how we should be doing everything in our power to prevent it before it’s too late. However, every little change makes a difference.

The key is to start small. Think, what can you do today that won’t take too much time to start and you can continuously do? If you’re still stuck, pick 3 things from the list below.

They say it takes approximately 21 days to break a habit. So after those 21 days, pick up another one or two things from the list and become the example of living a waste-free life. Once you start, you’ll never look back! 

Reusable coffee cups  

Reusable coffee cups are one of the easiest ways to become more waste-free, especially if you’re someone that buys a coffee every day. Here’s a crazy statistic for you, it is estimated that Australians use 1 billion disposable coffee cups a year and the majority of them ends up in landfill. If your bag is big enough, keep a reusable cup in your bag, keep one in your car and have one permanently at your office. Some cafe’s even give you a discount for bringing in a reusable cup. Saving money on coffee? Yes, please! 

Reusable food wraps 

Reusable food wraps are becoming increasingly popular. They are usually made out of cotton, beeswax and oils such as jojoba or coconut oil. Use them to wrap fruit, vegetables, bread, sandwiches etc. You can also use them as a cover over Tupperware or bowls. They last up to 6-12 months which is so much more eco-friendly than plastic bags. To clean them, simply wash with cold water and leave to air dry. 

Mason jars & glass containers 

If you are someone who loves bulk shopping for things like pasta, rice, spices, nuts, dried fruits, grains etc. bring some glass mason jars or glass and stainless steel containers with you to put the products in instead of putting them in plastic or paper bags. Less work unpacking any type of groceries is always a plus! 

Reusable cutlery set 

If you’re a person that buys lunch at work most days of the week, having a reusable cutlery set is a great idea. Keep a bamboo cutlery set at work and in your bag so you can use them whenever you get takeaway. 

Steel & glass straws 

When I was on holiday in Bali this year I went to this cafe almost every day to have their juices and smoothies. They tasted amazing but what made them even better was the glass straws that came with them. To me it made the juice taste better and I enjoyed the experience more, weird right? If you’re a person who buys lots of iced coffees, smoothies and juices, bring your own reusable steel or glass straws.

Reusable shopping bags 

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FOURTH OF JULY GIVEAWAY/CLOSED 🇺🇸 ° For @plasticfreejuly, I collabed with @viprmeshbags to give one winner a set of cotton reusable produce bags! 💚 ° I’ve been using @viprmeshbags for a couple months now and have been loving them! They’re organic, washable, and super durable 🙌🏽 ° HOW TO ENTER – follow @viprmeshbags & @natsplantlife – like this post – tag as many friends (separate comments preferred) – US residents only // winner @theveggiepalette 🎉 ° GOOD LUCK FRIENDS!!! ° I also wanted to tell a little story: I went to the grocery store to buy the beyond meat sausages for a BBQ and didn’t even think twice about the plastic. I went home and then remembered about plastic free July. It happens. It’s so normalized that I think we don’t think twice about what we purchase sometimes. It’s the only thing I’ve purchased in 4 days that contains plastic. Just a reminder that we aren’t perfect and doing your best is the best! Keep thriving💚

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It’s been a long time coming waiting for Aussie grocery stores to ban plastic bags. Seed Sprout has great, simple and durable canvas and net bags and Tree of Life and Cotton On stock really cute and cheap printed canvas bags. $2-5 dollars with any purchase? Such a good investment.

Lunch boxes 

If you’re a person who brings your lunch to work most days of the week (props to you because I spend way too much money buying lunch every day), use reusable lunch boxes instead of bringing your food in plastic containers. Remember when you were in school and you got so excited to pick out your lunch box, water bottle and stationery? Tap into that excitement and go shopping for fun lunch box options. 

Reusable water bottle 

This is an obvious way to be more environmentally friendly. The recommended daily intake of water is equivalent to 8 tall glasses so taking a reusable water bottle with you will save you a tonne of money. Good riddance to plastic bottles! 

Remember that the hardest part is starting. Once you make a change in one of these areas, you’ll start making more eco-conscious decisions in more areas of your life and before you know it, you will be on the path to living a waste-free lifestyle the best you can.

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