18 Things ’90s Kids Will Chuckle At

WARNING: Extreme nostalgia ahead!

The ’90s were so, so great and it saddens me that kids born now will never understand the joy of going to Video Ezy to choose 10 rentals for whatever deals were going.

at said they have STAN and Netflix and iPads and Wifi and Playstation remotes that don’t have a cord running to the device…

But if you DID happen to be a kid of the ’90s, you’ll a) love the comeback of the humble choker and b) have a good guffaw at these 18 pics.

If your mum was thrifty she’d buy the juice that came in tins like this…


Then she would mix it with water and serve it in one of these bad boys…


Which lived in most fridges and was occasionally busted out on a picnic yo’ mum made you go to.

Replaced in 2017 by rose gold and glass versions full of  PH balanced mineral water infused with fresh chunks of organic pineapple.  

Sometimes as a treat you’d hand one of these to the canteen in the morning…  safeathome-lunch-in-a-brown-paper-bag-iPcLIG-clipart.jpg

And find one of THESE in them at recess.


Much carbs. Much questionable meat. Much deliciousness. 

When it was super hot your Dad would put the sprinkler on and tell you to play in it.


Crash Bandicoot was the BEST game to play.


Your mum knew that a good way to get you to do chores was to promise a few of these. The local playing currency in the school yard.


You would go to school early so you could play handball.


You learnt about drugs in the back of a creepy AF van from a questionable puppet.


The best thing about rain on the weekend was that your mum would take you to Video Ezy or Blockbuster. Only if she was in a real good mood could you borrow a new release though.


Your room apologetically looked like this.


The day that you finally saved up enough pocket money for this was the greatest day. But then you realised you had to have credit to use it.


For some reason learning ‘hot cross buns’ on the recorder was in the curriculum.


The first books we truly enjoyed were these. But they kinda scared us sometimes.


Butterfly clips were the only accessory that mattered.


If you messed this process up, your ENTIRE year was ruined.


The original squad.


Knowing that you’d ‘made it’ if you had one of these pens.


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