7 Things To Cheer You Up

For everyone who had to return to hell/work/the real world today...

After a sleepless night dreading my alarm going off, I solemnly got up this morning and schlepped into work after a wonderous week filled with swims and schnapps, and without deadlines, irrational co-workers, and endless spreadsheets.*

Too grim?

Anyway here are 7 things to cheer up your dreary and depressing AF Tuesday.

#1 There are only 17 more days of work until the next public holiday.

#2 Here’s a comprehensive list of all the public holidays in 2018 for you to print and tape somewhere visible.

#3 Eminem and Ed Sheeran released ‘River’ and it’s catchy AF, go on, give it a listen.


#4 You have the ‘new year, new me’ excuse to procrastinate the shit out of your day with ‘important lists’.

#5 You can go shopping at your desk, most sites still have sweet-ass sales on. We sure do 😏😏

#6 You can watch this and know you’re not alone.

#7 It’s 5PM ‘somewhere’ so go and fill up your coffee mug with something stronger. No one will know.


*Disclaimer: Showpo is a wonderful* place to work, I just have post-holiday blues.

** HR made me write that.

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