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5 Aussie Babes Killin’ It On YouTube

...And life in general

Chances are you’ve probably come across at least one of these girls on one or more of their social media platforms. Or you could be like us and follow them all day, every day on every single platform they have with post notifications turned on and alarms set to watch their videos an…sorry, we’re just a tad obsessed, can you tell? #stalkeralert.

But seriously, these YouTubers are definitely ones you want to be subscribed to! We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Let the late night binge watching sessions commence…

Tammy Hembrow

Is there anything this entrepreneurial, fitness guru, mama of two can’t do? If you don’t know Tammy Hembrow, then you my friend have been living under a rock. Tammy has her own fitness business online, launched her fitness clothing brand, Saski Collection in 2017, she’s part of Khloe Kardasians Good American squad, has an Instagram following of over 7.8 million and just recently reached over one million on her YouTube channel. Her channel covers everything from vlogs to workouts, fun challenges with her fiancé Reece Hawkins, makeup tutorials and clothing hauls. You name it, she covers it!

Isabella Fiori

Known to her followers as Bella, this mega babe is a must watch! She promotes herself as a “cruelty free YouTuber [who posts] a little bit of everything.” With over 1.5 million subscribers she keeps us entertained with her vlogs, mystery Monday series and beauty tutorials that will not only have you envy her flawless finished face, but her makeup collection too. She’s also really funny and down to earth which is probably why she has the audience and reach that she does! 

Cartia Mallan

At just 19 years young, this gorgeous ray of sunshine radiates all things life, love and positivity. She believes highly in self-love, connecting spiritually and being conscious of energy. Her YouTube family follows her life journey through travel vlogs, festival fun, life updates and all things in between. If you need a pick-me-up or feel good vibes, then she’s your go-to channel! She also has the most magical wardrobe and jewellery collection so if that’s your thing, go watch and be inspired! 

Brittney Lee Saunders

She’s an all-rounder when it comes to YouTube, she even says it herself… “You’ll find a bunch of really random stuff [on my channel] from hauls to makeup videos, to parodies and skits, vlogs, storytelling videos and so much more!” She basically has you covered for whatever mood you’re in! 

Lauren Curtis

She’s the OG of YouTube with over 3.5 million subscribers and has not only built an online empire, but a real name for herself within the beauty industry. Her channel, of course, reflects this, focusing on makeup tutorials, hair inspo, product reviews and hauls. If you need tips or tricks; are a beginner or advanced, she’s the one to watch. We love her and secretly envy her at the same time, not only because she’s a pro at makeup and has an amazing job but, well…her lashes are so freakin’ long and we’re a tad really really jealous, OK!


Words by Jacqui Feros 

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