How Your Star Sign Handles A Breakup

It’s said that each zodiac has a very distinctive way of handling the big things in life, love and at work. Even if you don’t believe in astrology (omg as if you don’t though), it can be a bit of fun and games to predict what will go down when our romance fizzles. We looked to the stars to find out how each sign handles a breakup, now scroll down to read your own and your exes.


Earthly goats are true peacemakers, they really believe with all their heart and head that everything can be resolved if you talk it through. However, if they find out their bf/gf is cheating (asshole!) then they will completely vanish quicker than you can say SEEYA!


The unintentional manipulator has a clever way of getting their bf/gf to do the breaking up for them. Ok they’re not totally psycho (just a little lol), they just can’t handle the burden of the breaking someone’s heart. However, Aquarians are devoted lovers so break ups are avoided at all cost.


If the relationship was long, they can get very depressed when it finally ends. And so the commitment-phobe fishes swim from lover to lover freely, never completely giving all their heart to one. Always trying hard to protect their sensitive soul.


The feisty ram will be openly pissed (going cray on your ass) or they will delete you entirely from their lives. You’ll never know what you’re going to get, except that they will definitely have no trouble moving on quickly.


The original homemaker is ruthlessly loyal – a great quality but it can mean that they suck at moving on in a timely manner. They like to see the good in everyone, but they will drop a f*ckboy without hesitation.


Because of their two personalities, they’re masters at pretending everything is all good even when it is not. Or alternatively you could get the other twin who plays the strong silent game. They usually have a back up plan, like a new lover or hobby to distract themselves with.


Adoring and delicate crabs love to love, hence they cling to relationships even when they’re falling apart. They won’t believe it’s over until long after when reality finally sinks in.


Watch out! The lion won’t let you get out of this one too easily, they will speak their truth no matter what. They always believe the breakup is their partners fault and therefore, they’ll come crawling back when the other admits to this.


Virgos will get out early if they can sense things are going sour instead of battling it out. They use work to get over it, leaving no room to feel any of the feels.


Librans adore order in their lives. A messy breakup is not their cup of tea. They’ll write it off as a lesson and find a new heartthrob to sweep them off their feet.


A spicy scorpion loves hard but hates harder. Scary or sexy? Bit of both. They’re likely to practice black magic for their vengeance or just chill at home using a voodoo doll on you.


Free spirited adventure junkies can get bored easily. When it’s clear they’re headed for “Splitsville”, they emotionally eject from the relationship and begin looking elsewhere for a new flame.


Words by Jennifer Aitken 

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