15 Websites To Head To For Bomb-Ass Content

We love a good binge online as much as the next person. It’s a favourite pastime for when we’re making the torturous commute home after a long day. All we want to do is sit in peace, stare at our phones like zombies and scroll through easy-to-digest content. Nothing that requires a lot of concentration unless you’re into heavy news (dw we got you in that category too). So once you’re done with your socials, here are the best sites to bookmark and spend hours on.


A great one-stop-shop for all things that concern the modern woman: news, entertainment, fashion, beauty, books. They also do a great monthly horoscope for good measure.

Concrete Playground

At a loss of where to go to dinner next? Which movie to see? Or bar to hit up for the best Aperol spritz and eye candy? Then this is the one for you.


Keep up to date with the latest beats by trawling this music hub. It primarily focuses on the independent genre but still inclusive of all the pop stuff we unashamedly adore.

Man Repeller

Manifested by the uber cool New York, Leandra Medine Cohen, ManRepeller is an alternative fashion and lifestyle site. It’s quirky, hilarious and you’ll end up sharing the articles with your mates.


Ooops we couldn’t help but sneak this one in here. Yeah, our blog is the bomb dot com but you already know that because you’re already here!


Love lusting over interiors? Then this one is a goldmine. The content is cool, beautiful and sophisticated. And you can shop too!


A staple in our browser. Head here for on-trend fashion reports, celebrity style news and fun beauty tips. Easy to skim read when your brain is fried.


This site unofficially coined the term ‘hack’ – a mecca for DIY’s and ridiculous but to hard ignore click bait headlines.


Hungry for some healthy inspiration? Greatist has an epic collection of recipes and workout tips to get you back on track if you had a not so healthy weekend.

Into The Gloss

Beauty fanatics flock here for celebrity interviews and product reviews. (It’s also the content site that launched the brand, Glossier).

A Conscious Collection

A beautiful online magazine dedicated to wellness. We drool over the images and love the left of field health stories.

Buro 24/7

Another all-encompassing lifestyle site originally started by a chic af Russian fashion blogger.

The Conversation

This is an honest news site that will tell you the truth about what’s happening in the world, the exact opposite of the Daily Mail.

Conde Naste Traveller

Even if you’re not planning a holiday you’ll enjoy this compilation of stylish travel photography, destination guides and industry news.

Betoota Advocate 

This is site is LOL funny! They put a satirical spin on current news topics, get ready for a good laugh

Words by Jennifer Aitken.

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