These Are The 11 Greatest Food Combinations Of All Time

Does your mouth water when you hear the classics food combos like cookies and cream or bacon and eggs? How about when you hear pineapple and avocado? It just doesn’t have the same hunger-inducing effect right?

There are so many unusual foods that go together that don’t get the credit they deserve. So in honour of all the unsung food pairings, here is our hall of fame that you should taste test for yourself. Don’t knock it till you try it.

1. McDonald’s soft serve and fries

Hmm… leave your judgment at the drive-thru.  Dipping salty hot fries into cold sweet vanilla soft serve is the most fun you can have at Maccas.

2. Vegemite and avocado

This is a serious breakthrough in breakfast pairings. Avocado by itself on toast is great but vegemite takes it to a whole new level. Add tomato if you want to go a step further.

3. Choc-top and popcorn

You have to be blessed with serious willpower to skip the candy bar at the cinema. Sit back and enjoy dipping your bitten choc top into the buttery popcorn.

4. Peanut butter and tomato toasted sandwich

Sounds scary at first, but you’ll be shocked by how much you’ll enjoy this lunch. Add salt and pepper for an extra kick.

5. Popcorn and shredded cheese

Glorious tasty cheese is best grated over homemade popcorn. This is a healthy snack if you don’t eat more than big two handfuls.

6. Bacon, banana and maple syrup

This trio is best eaten atop of pancakes, waffles or toast. It’s very American and an excellent hangover cure because you get the best of both worlds, sweet and savoury.

7. Hot chips in a bread roll

Looks gross but it’s bloody tasty. Remember to smother it with tomato or barbeque sauce if you want the full experience.

8. Watermelon and feta

A gourmet salad idea to impress your friends at the next dinner party. Mix in some mint leaves and bon appétit.

9. Nutella and salt

Chocolate and salt is irresistible. Sprinkle a pinch of salt on your Nutella toast and just try to wipe the smile off your face!

10. Pineapple and blue cheese

You don’t see this on many cheeseboards but it’s a complete winner. A science-backed food pairing because they share a similar flavour component. Try it in a salad if you’re nervous.

11. Dates and almond butter

Another sweet and salty match made in heaven. One of our favourite afternoon snacks when we’re trying to abstain from chocolate.


Words by Jennifer Aitken. 

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